The Week Of Love

February 14, 2017

Who loves Valentine’s Day?

…I actually could give zero f-u-c-k ‘s, however I will be wearing my pink vans today in honor of the occasion.

I also like to (constantly) ask HB if he’s excited to be my Valentine? It’s my way of subtly reminding him that even though “I don’t care” about the holiday, I still expect a bouquet of flowers sweet gesture of some kind. Duh.

I am happy to report that he is in the clear, and far exceeded my expectations. Here is how it went down…

Around 5pm on Friday night, I got an unexpected knock on my door – this is uncommon in New York City. Low and behold, I opened the door to find a tiny woman dwarfed by my big, beautiful  bouquet of roses and lilies! BEFORE VALENTINE’S DAY!

HB knows wussup. 😉

Happy wife. Happy life. Fo Sho.


Now that I’m through bragging about how bomb my husband is, it’s time to talk baby bump.

I’m 25 weeks + 2 days today. Less than 3 weeks left of my second trimester! Oy vey cafe!

I’ve gained 15 pounds you guys. Hot damn. Mama’s getting largo….and I don’t mean that negatively. Yes, it’s weird that I weigh so much…and I was tempted to lie to the doctor, because somehow I always weigh 3 pounds heavier on her scale (like, WTF), but now I’m like WHATEVER. As long as I feel and think I look good, which I do most of the time, I’m good. 🙂

Baby boy is enjoying his house. It keeps getting bigger and he’s taking full advantage! Now I simultaneously feel kicks and nudges down low AND up high! It’s the greatest. Despite having an anterior placenta (meaning it’s in front, so it muffles movement and kicks more than what other women feel) I now feel him pretty much all day moving around, kicking, playing, dancing, etc. He’s obsessed with my uterus…and I’m not surprised one bit.

He went to his first Bat Mitzvah on Saturday, and would not stop kicking. It’s safe to say he was into the party…although I did have a moment (sitting next to a speaker, no less) where I googled “is it safe to expose fetus to loud music?” Oh yeah. I did that. Needed to make sure I didn’t harm his little pumpkin ear drums. I know I will look back on this pregnancy and eye roll at so many of my shenanigans.

Here we are at the party.


Before I peace, I have a few announcements:

1). I did a guest prenatal blog post for Core Pilates NYC. Check it out HERE!

2). HB and I are leaving for California Friday for one last hurrah! We will also conveniently drop by Hawaii for a week…Babymoon City! You know I’ll keep you up-to-date with lots of photos + videos. Get excited.


That’s all for today. May your day be filled with LOVE.


Cash Me Ousside, How Bow Dah?

January 31, 2017

Good Morning Friends.

Mama’s not feeling so hot this morning. Oy. Some mild queasiness has returned. I had a wave of it on Friday, and now again today.


I am attributing it to a hormonal shift (apparently around this time, there is another spike in estrogen to catch up with the progesterone) and baby growth spurt- yeah buddy! Fine, as long as my pumpkin is having a good time.


Make no mistake. I WILL cut a bitch, like Danielle Peskowitz.

Here’s a tip…if you’re not feeling well, make yourself scarce…like I don’t even want to see a photo of you on Instagram, scarce. Please. I beg you. I don’t need more vomiting in my life.



Moving on…

I’m officially 23 weeks + 3 days. HOLLA.

Here are some facts you may or may not want to know:

I’ve gained a total of 11 pounds.

My hair looks really nice.

My skin looks really nice.

I have a very faint, tiny linea negra that spans pubic bone to belly button.

…and speaking of belly buttons, my innie is now flat.

I can still do some advanced Pilates. Duh.

Yoga is everything.

My boobs are veiny…and did I mention, YUGE?

Oh, and <earmuffs boys>…my crotch now sweats bullets. So sexy.


That’s the skinny of the not-so-skinny journey of my pregnancy thus far.


I’m going to wrap it up for today, but next time, I’ll talk THINGS THAT ANNOY ME DURING PREGNANCY. I need another week to collect more intel. Patience.

Get ready for that fun.