Pilates + BJJ = <3

September 15, 2016

Well Hello My Little Friends…

A lot has happened in the personal life of Laura Constantiner. <—that’s me, for those of you new to this glorious blog. Sometimes a girl’s gotta speak in the third person. So what.

As promised, I have some photos of our new vibey setup in the apartment.

I.     L O V E.       I T.

img_5522Ignore our old furniture peaking out from behind…with any luck, it will be SOLD and DELETED shortly.

(If you’re interested, message me).


Let’s also take a closer look at my beautiful bowl of succulents…

img_5517Succulents are perfect for the home because they’re low maintenance, and don’t necessarily need a lot of sunlight or water.

They’re desert plants, which is also why I have an affinity for them – it’s my happy place! Maybe it’s because I spent four amazing years in Tucson, dressed like Britney Spears, studying partying my ass off with good looking people, or because I met the love of my life there, or maybe because the weather is the sickest and it’s sunny 300 days out of the year.

All viable reasons.


Now, about 2,400 miles northeast of the desert, back in NYC, I witnessed my first ever BJJ (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu) competition.


Why? Because my delicious husband was competing for the first time and wifey couldn’t miss it. She also had to do a lot of yelling (the good kind)…Most of which involved me saying “‘c’mon babe!” or “let’s go babe!” But after eavesdropping on people who clearly knew the sport, next time I’ll be sure to add “find your grips!” to my wheelhouse of “intelligent things to yell while at a bjj competition.”

For those who don’t know, jiu jitsu is a form of grappling (sorta like wrestling), that originated in Brazil (Gracie family).

To me, the coolest part about this sport is the idea that size and strength can be dominated by technique and precision. i.e.: I could theoretically choke the shit out of a guy who’s twice my size, if I were a bjj master. 

Case in point:

Mackenzie Dern is 5’3″ 116 lbs / Gabi Garcia is 6’2″ and 201 lbs, by the way.


Naturally, as a Pilates teacher, I got to thinking…there are many parallels between BJJ and Pilates.

Don’t get it twisted, I know little about BJJ, so these are merely my own observations.

The Many Parallels Between Pilates + BJJ

1). Technique is KING. If you are not executing the movement correctly, you waste time, energy, and risk getting injured.

2). They’re both layered systems– meaning, as you advance, you layer in more movements and concepts. Nothing ever gets taken away, only added to. The fundamentals must always be present.

3). Smooth transitions are important to the efficiency and efficacy of the movements. Less is more. Goal is to be able to move seamlessly in and out of different positions / exercises.

4). There is a visible flow to the movements. When you watch a black belt roll, they usually have an effortless flow to their movement. It looks like a dance. It’s the same in Pilates – ideally, it’s a continuous string of movements that resembles a dance if done well.

5). Element of focus / concentration: In Pilates, we have to think about HOW we’re going to move to tap into our deep, structural muscles. We have to listen carefully to instruction to apply it in our bodies. BJJ is a very cerebral martial art, every opponent is a puzzle to be solved. The mind is just as important as the body – knowing what to do when – strategy is key. There is also the element of finding your focus among chaos, and not letting the environment distract you.

Aside from the similar principles involved in both Pilates and BJJ, Pilates is also an excellent way to condition your body for jiu jitsu.


In such an aggressive sport, you need a lot of core strength to avoid injury, and there is the component of flexibility and mobility that will work in your favor. Pilates works on all of this- strengthening muscles from deep to superficial and mobilizing tight areas so the body can move the way it was intended to (if not better).

<Mic Drop>




Start With The Furniture…

September 1, 2016

Yo Babies…

It’s the first of tha month. – that’s tha, with an “a.”


Bah Summer


Enter Fall…


…I’m gonna give you minute to take this (look up) all in…

* * * <here is your minute> * * *

What a beautiful moment. Pumpkin City. I see this and I am filled with joy.

Here are some reasons-in no particular order

Why I Love Fall 

1). I can wear the expensive boots my mom bought me. 


2). Snuggle City. Netflix and chill times 10 during the fall.

3). Pumpkins. Pies, candles, what-the-fuck-ever, I’ll take it. Break me off a piece of the pumpkin.

4). Holidays. It’s not too early to play Christmas music, friends. Oh no.

and, most importantly…

5). Opportunity for change. I’m a lazy mofo in the summer, so by the time fall rolls around, I’m ready to move forward and make shit happen. I always start with my surroundings, because it clears the mind, and brings me better vibes. Even if it’s as little as cleaning out items in your closet, or reorganizing what you already have (you don’t have to necessarily buy things).

Changing your space will bring change to your life.

HB and I took the plunge, and bought a whole new couch and coffee table over the weekend – I’ll show you pictures when it arrives TODAY (!!!).

For the past three years I’ve dreamed of owning an “L-shaped” couch – mostly because I like to say “L-shaped, like Laura.” I wanted something big, soft and comfy, so we settled on the Restoration Hardware Modular Cloud sofa.

Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 11.25.47 AM

You guys. It’s not called “cloud” for no reason. MIND BLOWING how comfortable this is. Get in line to come be a guest at the Constantiner household.

THIS is where you can find me on the weekends.

My point is…changing things IN YOUR CONTROL, like furniture, can help recharge, motivate and/or inspire you to make other changes in your life.

Start with the furniture.

When you’re surrounded by stuff you love, it makes a difference – just like when you’re surrounded by people you love versus people you don’t. It extracts all the best in you.


That’s some ganster ass feng-shi shit right there… xo