The List: September

October 14, 2014


Hey Fuckers.


Are you making wise decisions and choosing to be a better person today? I sure hope so. I don't accept losers on the Daily Dubes.

Be awesome, or get out of my face.

That's the anthem of the day. Like it. Love it. Want some more of it.


I unexpectedly have the lightest day ever. Only TWO hours of classes, Babies. HOLLA!

But, obviiiiiiiously, I'm still bringing some sick legging game to the table...Check it.



Yeeeaaaaahhhhh Buddy. Supa dupa fly.


K. We're Moving on.

I'm tardy to this party, but be thankful that you're getting it at all...It's always a good time.


Things I Wanted to Marry: SEPTEMBER (Don't be jealous Honey Buns).

1). Buxom lipgloss in "Celeste." I love it because it makes my lips look hot damn. HB dislikes it because it's technically a lip "plumper," so it tingles. He is not a fan of the tingle sensation and did not hesitate to let it be known.

2). NARS velvet lip pencil in "Belle de jour."

3). NARS eye shadow pencil in "Skorpios."

4). Sideways peace signs...So much badder.

5). Ksubi torn boyfriend jeans

6). Charlotte Simone fur lined hood

7). VINCE gray fur collar lined bootie sneakers

8). #HBIC: Head Bitch In Charge. What. What.

9). Cashmere hot water bottle cover by Johnstons of Elgin

10). Venessa Arizaga bracelets.

11). Bossypants, Tina Fey. A brilliant, hilarious, and relatable easy read. heart

12). Dahlias. Because they're pretty and they last longer than two days. :::SIGH:::


And that, my friends, is a W-to-the-R-A-P WRAP. BOOM.



LUNES (means Monday in Spanish if you’re not fluent)

October 13, 2014


Yo Hoes. 

...Here we are again...We might still be on the schwag site, but you know I come bearing some dank Dubie, sooooo...


Today I decided on two selfies. 

One, very close selfie, with a healthy sweep of layers framing my right side-my bad side.  

...and one from further away so you can read my sweatshirt.


Clearly I think think I'm it's fabulous. This excites me now, because I impulsively bought the sweatshirt in the thick of July, where it sat dormant in my closet for 3 months. :::SIGH::: But NOW, sweatshirts are fair fuckin' game, and you know I will sweat, bleed, kill....or just spend fat stacks of ca$h to win at this game. HOLLA. 


K. I'm over myself. DELETE.


In keeping with the consistency of the NEW SCHEDGE, let's smoke a sick quote to self-motivate and attempt to be a better person this week.

What you decide to do everyday matters. Everyday, try your best, Babes. Even if your best blows ass, TRY. Contribute to making the world a better place. Contribute to making other people feel good because you feel good. 


And last, but not least, some links you should hit...


That's all I got. Peace. I love you.


Ey Yo

October 7, 2014



Hi! ...Before I explain why the Daily Dubes (the website) looks EXACTLY the same...hit some UNtouched selfies...

Note: Visible crows feet, open mouth.

Note: Visible crows feet, open mouth, natural, unforced wink.

Note: Sideways peace sign, closed mouth, popped collar, cocked head.

Note: Visible crows feet, open mouth, popped collar.


You know how I told you last week that the next time I dropped a post, it would be on the NEW Daily Dubie 3.0?

Well, I unintentionally lied. Thas right. I LIED...and guess what else? I'M NOT SORRY because you still get a dank piece of Dubie ass.

You're welcome. kiss


Basically, this Dubes is in the process of being migrated over to the new Dubes, and it can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. Fucking technology -(I just hated myself for complaining about something that works such wonders in our lives).

So, I don't know what we're working with - days or weeks - but I do know that it would be irresponsible of me to not give you some kush, which explains my return.


I have DOS treats for you today:

(that's TWO in Spanish, if you're not fluent like me).

Numero Uno: A typical day of grocery shopping looks like this:

Bananas (to keep fresh and to freeze)

Obscene Conservative amounts of chocolate - I pretend it's for HB and visitors, but I probably consume 99% of it. Fact.

Baby Kale + Parsley - Gotta get the greens in. Duh.

Butternut Squash - Because it's Fall. I'm going to make us sausage-stuffed butternut squash tomorrow. GANG-STAR.

Chicken Thighs - I like my meat dark, and with SKIN! That's where all the flava is...and I EAT IT. ALL! Like a barbarian! Also a fact.

Carrots - For snacking and for the homemade chicken soup I've been telling myself I'll make for the past month.

Pureed Pumpkin - For baking. Holla.

Onion Powder - I bought the powder and granules. HB doesn't like the powder because it's too fine, so I gave him an option because I am a very thoughtful person and an even more amazing wife.

Bosc Pears - YESSSSSS. Love me some pears! I prefer them a perfect combination of ripe and firm. 


Number Dos: Fancy video of me doing some Pilates at Studio de Dubie. 


A'ight. I'm out. I love you.



September 29, 2014


Hey Babes.

Here's that open-mouthed selfie you so look forward to. Here...I'll give you a moment to relish....::::PAUSE::::

I'm slightly disheveled because I fucked shit up at the gym earlier. YEEAAAHHHHH SON. My shower is postponed until after I finish teaching...but I still smell delicious, for those suspect.


Now, now, now...


I advise you to sit down. I'm about to drop a... 




DAILY DUBIE 3.0 is about to make her debut on the world wide web and it's gonna be SO. MAYJ. I hope you love her. If you don't, get out of my face. 


I promised sick, new content and more structure with the new site, so I might as well get you accustomed to how we'll roll on MONDAYS...(it'll be as good as a '64 Impala on pumps and dumps)

Every Monday, you can expect the following:

  • INSPIRATIONAL keep the mind right.
  • LINKS I learn, laugh, or buy shit.

So, why not start that TODAY? 



Remember. You are in charge of WHAT you THINK...and You ARE what you think.




That's all I got.

kissPeace Babieskiss


My Nails ‘N Shit

September 25, 2014


'Sup Baes?

My hair's still wet...have I told you that it no longer requires a blow dry? I literally (accent on the t) have not blown it out since I chopped it 6 weeks ago. #win #tommybuckett

It's the most fabulous thing on planet earth.

If you're my friend or family member, I will continue to remind you of this. Act like you're as impressed as I am. Please. Thank you. Namaste.


...Moving on to OH. MY. GOSH.


...That's nails in Spanish for all my non-fluent readers - at least that's what google translate says, which basically means there's a good chance I'm referring to nails you hammer into a wall.

Look. I know the picture quality blows, but you get the idea.

They're blood red and I'm smitten. Color is Essie's "Macks" for those who want to jock my style. I say DO IT.


Next, please read this mandatory article about "Decorative Gourd Season, Motherfuckers!" It's suh good. A guaranteed lol.


Now, this is usually the part where I tell you how I have to peace because I have oodles of shit to do - which is normally true, and always includes teaching people how to maintain a neutral pelvis, engage their transversus abdominis, keep their shoulders away from their ears, lengthen the back of their neck and to generally not be a pussy, but <pause> today I only have to do this for 2 hours, in what would normally be a 5 hour day of teaching. This means I don't start to teach until 7 in the p.m., bros = I HAVE A SHIT TON OF TIME. I hope to use it wisely, and be somewhat productive for at least one or two more hours, but I also have full intentions of doing absolutely nothing...and that's the truth, son.





kissBeso Besokiss





September 23, 2014


Hey Babies.

It's 8:50 in the a.m. and yours truly is already high on coffee. Feeling fabulous.

A dichotomy from one Tuesday ago when I was one hungover, useless piece of ass.

I'm done with alcohol...for at least a while...okay maybe a few days will do, but I want nothing to do with it right now.

Get out of my face, alcohol!

That should do the trick...


I have a few things to say today, so pay the fuck attention.

1). Today is the FIRST DAY OF FALL! In honor of the occasion, I bought us...

A pumpkin!


I can't help it. It was staring me in the eyeballs at Whole Foods. I tried to ignore the bitch, but failed, and now it's in our home, making me happy. #win

2). Sweater weather in the Empire State is also in full effect. Be jealous.

...Oh look <pause pause> there I am right this very second WEARING A SWEATER! SO cozy.

3). Daily Dubie 3.0 is almost ready! Once she makes a BIG SPLASH on the world wide web, we'll resume chatting about substantial matters other than myself like...

  • Noortropics
  • Your Tea
  • Why we need stressors in our life
  • How my diet changes in the Fall
  • More Recipes!


To wrap things up today, I'm giving you a SIIIIIIIIIICK recipe. BOOM. #soskinny 

DIRECTIONS: Pound and marinate chicken breast with 1 lemon, garlic and olive oil for 2+ hours. Rinse and dry kale, then use kitchen shears to finely chop. Salt, then bake chicken at 350 for 20-25 minutes. Mix juice of other lemon, mustard, olive oil and Worcestershire sauce for dressing (add Tabasco for a kick). Add cheese and dressing to kale. Toss. Slice chicken breast and lay neatly on top generous bed of kale.

Nobody can fuck this up. It's SO SIMPLE, SO HEALTHY and SO GOOD. 



<Insert: sideways peace sign>

heartI LOVE YOUheart




Back to Bed

September 16, 2014


Good Morning Slutbags.

heartI love youheart

...It's a very special morning over here...

For starters, take a look at my hair. It's  W  I   L  D ! ! ! 

I might be smiling on the outside, but I'm fucking hungover on the inside. 

Oy Vey.

Too much pink wine.

I had full intentions of being productive and exercising this morning, but aside from feeling like ass, THIS is happening out my window...

Yeah, so basically I don't want to get out of bed today. EVER. I'm actually IN BED as we speak. Here's the view from my "office"

I'm minutes away from doing the UNTHINKABLE...

Going back to mutha-fucking sleep, Yo.


On a sunny normal day, I would suck it up and move, sweat bullets, get jacked up on coffee, and keep my day going, but not today. NOPE. Today I choose to be a sloth. In my jams. With my hot water bottle..and blankets. Lots of blankets. It's actually quite fabulous. I'm not fighting the feeling, people. And you shouldn't either.

Sure I have to teach later today/tonight, but for now, THIS is WHERE. IT'S. AT.

I'm out. Namaste Bitches.



Choose Wisely

September 11, 2014


Yo Babies!


...In case you were wondering, the eyeballs are doing wonderfully - I've been killing the shit on the reg - 4 stabs a day in each ball. 

Poof! Pink be gone, bitches!


Today I come here for one purpose and one purpose only, and that is to... 

BLOW your muthafuckin' MINDS, Son!!!!!!!!!

Hit on THIS:

YOU HAVE A CHOICE, Homies. Choose wisely. #Fact #truedat


I'm out. I love you.

Muah! kiss