May 16, 2016

Hey Hotties. How you doin’? 

My mucus has dissipated, I can finally hear and my head doesn’t feel like it’s about to explode.


The cure, you wonder? …



It took longer than I hoped, but I persevered, because it was my mission to prioritize MYSELF and my health leading up to our big JAPAN trip (departure in t-minus 48 hours).

Yeah, thas right – me and HB are hitting the EASTERN WORLD HARD!

<visualize: Me & HB in Kimonos drinking green tea>

GET AT ME sushi and ramen noodles! I cannot wait to explore this side of the world…


Moving on, since signing up for Snap Chat a week ago, I’ve been told that I am not good at it. I’m won’t mention any names, I’ll just say that his name begins with an H and ends with B. Apparently no one wants to hear me talking about oiling my scalp – NOT. ENTERTAINING. From what I (now) understand, it’s not supposed to make sense. Okay?

WHATEVER. I am confident that with time, I will become a Snap Chat Superstar. It’s in my blood, and if not, fuck that noise. I’m good.


Over the weekend my oldest niece, Ella, competed, and this solo won 3rd place overall in the highest category of solos performed 8 years and younger.

Yes I am biased, but you cannot deny that this girl has raw talent. Watch my little angel OWN THE STAGE:

Let this be your inspiration for the week. Be fearless to express yourself.





May 10, 2016

Good Morning Beautiful People.


HAAAAAYYYYY!…Someone just got Snap Chat, due largely to the fact that I can put dog ears on my selfies. Duh. If you want to follow my story, search Dailydubie for the win.

The good news is…a whole motherfucking week later, I am feeling BETTER, not 100%, but better.

You haven’t heard from me, because I’ve been busy resting, <cough cough> flying to California, and filling my body up with health.

I liken myself to a spider web. While it’s light, and, in a way fragile, it’s also stronger than steel, and tougher than steel AND kevlar (stuff used in bullet proof vests).

BADASS SHIT, and definitely Laura-ish.

Now, I’m going to let you in on a little secret…

My husband is very social, can function on little sleep, and is known to suffer from FOMO. He loves meeting new people, connecting, and maintaining those friendships. This is one of the many reasons why he is so smart and successful in all that he decides to pursue. Network and community are very important to him. I admire and support this—although, don’t get it twisted, there are definitely times I would rather him stay home and chill with his wifey…but that is him, and I love him.


Now, let’s take a look at me…

I wouldn’t call myself a social butterfly. I prefer SMALL groups of people. Less is more for me when it comes to socializing. I would rather get a pap smear than go to a large get-together filled with people I don’t know. I enjoy connecting to fewer people on a deep level. I am more introverted and live for the days where I have no social plans, and can just chill by myself (or with my husband) at home. That is bliss to me.

So, we’re different. Opposites attract, baby. But it’s good. Keeps us balanced.

This isn’t just a preference, this is a necessity for my health and well being. I don’t take this shit lightly. I need my sleep, I need to fill my body up with health, and I need to exercise to function at my highest levels, feel good, and be happy. This is a priority for me. It has to be, otherwise, I would crumble. I am fragile in this way, but it’s also what makes me strong as fuck. Ahhh, the dichotomy. SO DEEP. The very thing that makes me strong, is also what can break me if compromised.

I’m not saying my way is the right way of being. It’s just my way of being. It’s in my blood, and I cannot change the way I am, nor can my husband change the way he is…

So, while he spent last night at a dinner party in Brooklyn, I made myself oatmeal, guzzled hot tea, watched Veep, and feel asleep before 11pm. I woke up feeling WONDERFUL. It was worth it FOR ME.

What’s worth it for you? Do you identify more with me or HB?

Either way, HONOR YO ‘SELF.