Brief Hiatus

March 23, 2015

‘Sup Babies?

Things have changed.

I am 32.

I am tan.

I voluntarily blow dried my hair this morning.

Photo on 3-23-15 at 12.09 PM…with the exception of some flyaways, I am happy with the results.


The purpose of today’s post was to notify you of my absence the remainder of the week, so you can plan your ganj accordingly.

I am so considerate.

I am off to California to see la familia and my six ojos gigantes! Weeeeee. 

It’s going to be in the 90’s, which means I basically need to pack nothing. I am so happy I might cry.


Don’t worry. This brief hiatus is reinspiring me to blog a better game because I get to listen to more podcasts, read more books (current read: YES PLEASE!), and grade dozens of exams and homework assignments.

I’d like to make it clear that when I travel, my time is spent learning more about subjects of substance. It’s strictly educational.

I never buy trash mags. I am not known to drop $10 on three magazines (US Weekly, In Touch, Life & Style Weekly) that show and talk the same bullshit. It’s out of the question. Swear.

Ask HB.


I’ll leave you with some food for thought, brought to you by Amy Poehler.

HIT IT more than once…and HARD.



I’m out. MUAH.




March 18, 2015

‘Sup Fuckers?


Photo on 3-18-15 at 5.20 PMWho is that person?!?!? I’ll tell you who…



IT’S ME!!! …Swear. Cross my heart.

I know. I am barely recognizable after getting my hair colored yesterday. I told you I’d look like JLo by the time my birthday rolled around…and here we are, one day away (forget or die)…





Photo on 3-18-15 at 5.21 PM



We’re well on our way…


…Onto new business…

I got HB an INBOX.



It’s really amazing. The theory of the INBOX is that HB will no longer leave mail scattered about the apartment for weeks on end; he will stay organized and, thus, be more inclined to take care of business. That’s the THEORY…But, since getting this sucker two weeks ago, HB HASN’T SO MUCH AS LOOKED IN IT’S DIRECTION. My plan is failing.

I then found out that HB doesn’t like the look of the INBOX. He gave outrageous claims like “it’s too big,” and “it looks dumb.”


I have myself quite the conundrum. What’s a wife to do?

Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

…but if you have a better looking idea, do tell. I’m prepared to drop fat stacks of ca$h.


That’s it. I’m out.


31-year-old Dubie. XO


dubie-signature-left XOXO