Still I Rise

November 23, 2015

Hi. <insert hand waving>

I’m on the verge of shedding a tear. Not because I’m sad. Not because I’m mad…because I’ve been sucked into the emo-heavy vortex of Adele 25. There should be a warning. With that said, I can’t stop listening and pretending like I have something to cry about. Second to peeing, crying is probably the greatest feeling ever…JUST LET IT FLOW, people…LET. IT. FLOW.

Water Under The Bridge is my current favorite. Everyone needs to get that shit. EVERYONE.


So, a few things have transpired since we last chilled, namely…




…No really….write it down.

HB is thrilled. He was especially taken when I started to play “It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas” …on Saturday morning…amplified.

Oh yeah. I am the real deal. He loved that part.

In case you didn’t know, #christmasvibes run strong in the Constantiner household. We don’t fuck around.


Now, here’s a piece of brilliant to chew on before Thanksgiving…





I’m out. I love you. Muah xx



November 17, 2015

You guys…STRAP THE FUCK IN…I have A LOT To say…

I will first address the Summit Series cruise I had the privilege of being a part of. I was in the company of over 2,000 of the, arguably, most successful businesspeople / creatives / entrepreneurs in the world. Everyone was there to make change that would better themselves as humans and better society as a whole. The theme was “BE DISRUPTIVE.” Again I circle back to something I have given much thought to recently, and that is…having the balls to make noise and be heard, knowing that you will be hated on and doubted. Having the strength to rise above the naysayers and prove that you can affect great change in the world. I LOVED that.

I went into this experience with no expectations. In fact, there was a part of me that wanted to run. The idea that I would have to talk to people (non-stop) about what I do and what I stand for was annoying to me. Call it nerves. Call it insecurity. Call it whatever you want, the fact is, I just really like intimate settings best. When dealing with such a high volume of humans, I find it almost impossible to cut the bullshit and really get to the crux of who they are -and that is really what I am interested in. Sure, it’s cool to find out about what people do, but that doesn’t define them (although I think that many mistakenly do).

Fast forward to today. One day after returning from the 4-day talking / partying extravaganza…Do I have a newfound love for networking and being around huge groups of people? Not really, but it certainly reaffirmed the fact that whenever I put myself in a situation that I am not the most comfortable in, I learn new things (about myself and the world), and I grow from it. Lesson: To sometimes say yes to things you don’t think are “your thing.” The experience is invaluable. Will I go back? Absolutely. Sign me up, baby.


…Then the Paris thing happened, which is completely and utterly devastating. My heart goes out to everyone involved in one way or another. Such heartbreaking news. I know I can speak for many when I say that I am affected and emotional over the injustice. I’ll stop there. I don’t do political…


…annnnnnnnnnnnnddddddd then my girl, Ronda Rousey got beat…and to add salt to the wound, I couldn’t even watch the fight (I was stuck on a boat, remember). I actually woke up in Nassau Sunday morning, and spent over $100 in roaming fees, so I could go on with my day knowing she was still the Champ…only my findings were not that at all. I did not know how to process this information. I couldn’t believe it, which is why I proceeded to rack up $$$ in (bullshit) roaming charges to try to do the impossible – get to the bottom of it.

Most of the day I was haunted by the fact that she lost. I was (and still am) seriously affected by what happened. I am that much of a fan (ask HB). I know I don’t just speak for myself when I say that there is something (or a lot of things) about her that I find so inspiring and empowering. I, along with millions of others, believed she was invincible. That no one could touch her. That she would retire undefeated, and I was rooting for her. So many were. And then it all came crashing down in under 10 minutes. I am in no position to comment about the technicalities of the fight, but she did not appear to be her usual, confident, comfortable and calm self in the octagon that night, which only proves one thing…

She is HUMAN and NO ONE is invincible. 

Of course I am biased, but based on her track record, I wouldn’t be surprised to see her come back THAT MUCH BETTER…and in true Ronda fashion, WITH A VENGEANCE…meanwhile, I am still a huge fan, #alwaysand4eva, baby.


On that note, I’ll end with this… IMG_2050

And this…



DO NOT MESS with my youngest niece, ya hear?


I’m out. I love you.


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