Once Upon A Time…

April 27, 2016

Oh Babies.

The Wednesday vibes are so slutty…

Indulge in some JoJo Gomez choreography (fast forward to 55 second mark to skip intro).





April 26, 2016

Wuddup Baby Lovers?

Holymotherfuckinshitball CENTRAL.

Let’s all just take a deep breath to get settled here…

For starters…nothing matters on this earth, except for LemonadeBey’s new visual album that slays Jay Z seven new assholes, and rightfully so if he really did cheat on her. Fuck him and his lips.

I ponied up $17.99 to watch it last night. As expected, it was sick-to-the-10th-power–brilliance on every level. I highly recommend watching and listening.



Moving right along …Don’t forget to mark your calendars! Mercury is in retrograde starting this Friday, April 28th. The story goes, you should basically quit life and run for the hills during this 20-day period, but alas, there is hope…at least according to Lennon Mara, astrologist and writer. If you don’t feel like opening a new window and reading about what she said, I’ll paraphrase…

She thinks it can be a great time for transformation / change, because supposedly our conscious and subconscious are functioning together at the same level — I say make what you want of it, or do nothing at all. I’m always down to look at things from different, more positive perspectives. There’s a good chance it’s a pile of bullshit, BUT, there is something to be said about the power of BELIEF – what WE CHOOSE to fill our minds with.

<mic drop>

Didn’t see that bomb of knowledge coming so soon, now, did you? Me neither. Juices are flowing…maybe it’s my instant Alpha Brain?

Might be. I swear it works. I am a nootropic fan.


What else should we talk about?

I am about to sit for three hours / a.k.a. get my hair colored.

While I think I am making some changes, I’m almost certain nobody will notice the strawberry blonde lowlights – BUT if you read this, you can pretend that you really do notice a change in my hue – and I’ll also pretend that I didn’t just make a request on the world wide web. <smirking>…Selfie-to-come. Hold your breath.


Last thing I want to say today is that I have spruced up my Pilates Website, I Sweat Hard For Pilatesand am also blogging pretty regularly about all things exercise/teaching-related. If that sorta thing gets you going, treat your eyeballs to a good time. #ISH4P.

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 4.04.40 PM


That’s all for today…