Socks ‘n Shit

January 23, 2015

Hi Putas.

…Look at my sick sock game.



B U N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y.


…Now show me yours.

If you have a pair of balls, you’ll send me a pic.

If you don’t, or your socks all suck, or you just don’t want to send fucking picture, you won’t. No one will be offended.


K. It’s Friday. Get Gangsta. Get Shmurda.


I’m out. Besos.


Facebook Timeline Schooling

January 20, 2015

Wuddup Playas?

You all need some Nicki Minaj-a-trois in your life.

Dat ass.


…And now, some stupid selfies. Indulge.


Photo on 1-20-15 at 11.35 AM


Photo on 1-20-15 at 11.35 AM #3


SOCKS (and a modest display of my flexibility)

Photo on 1-20-15 at 11.35 AM #2

NAILS…ice cold blue, baes.

Photo on 1-20-15 at 11.34 AM

…Well that show’s over…

Now what should we talk about?

How about people fucking up your Facebook Timeline? 

We’ve all experienced it. Getting tagged in a photo that…

1). You are not in.

2). Is no longer relevant. i.e.: was taken over a week ago.

3). Where you look busted, but somehow the person doing the delinquent tagging looks fabulous.

To avoid getting deleted by myself or other super smart people, I would recommend the following…


1). DO NOT tag someone in a photo THEY ARE NOT IN. If you cannot see their face, do not tag them. Facebook doesn’t work like Instagram. If you want them to see a post, tell them via private message, or better yet, download that shit and email or text it to them.

2). DO NOT tag someone if the photo is irrelevant. If the picture is more than one week old, it’s too late to post. You snooze, you lose here. There is nothing worse than having something fresh and awesome posted on your timeline, only to be shaded by some stupid photo of you at a B-list friend’s birthday party 8 months ago. :::Sigh:::

3). DO NOT tag someone if they look bad. Tag the shit out of yourself, but be kind to your homie. What makes you think they want a busted photo of themselves on their own fucking timeline, highlighted and enlarged for all their friends to see? They don’t. Don’t be a dick. Refrain.

With that said, there are some exceptions that include…

* A funny throwback. The shit has to be ON POINT, and preferably coupled with a witty, hilarious caption.

* You look bangin.’ This voids rule #2. Even if the photo is from 3 years ago, if you look exceptional, post that shit! Represent!

* Family members INfrequently tagging you in photos of their babies or cute doggies. This sometimes cancels out rule #1, but it cannot be abused. It should happen no more than 5 times a year on Facebook. Again, this behavior is best suited for Instagram.


There. I’ve said my peace.