Week 21: New Body, New Clothes!

January 17, 2017

Good Morning Bonitas Amigas. 

It happened again…It seems to be a thing – me waking up irritatingly early on Tuesdays. WTF man?

So yeah, I opened my eyeballs at approximately 5:45am. Laid in bed to check emails and stuff until 6:08. I figured being vertical would help my newly developed head cold, so I got up…literally.


Woe is me.

My remedy is to fill my body up with HEALTH. I would also say sleep, but despite my honest efforts, that’s proven to not always work out for me.

I started my day with hot lemon + honey water.

This works wonders. Squeeze the juice of 1/2 lemon + 1 tsp. (ideally raw) high quality honey. I’ll down about 3-5 of these suckers throughout the day. I usually only add the honey once a day, because the sugar can get excessive. I don’t want gestational diabetes, now…DELETE!


I’m 21 weeks pregnant and change…the bump is poppin’ – and I mean that literally, and in the urban dictionary way (4th meaning).


The growing body is simultaneously exciting yet strange — in the sense that it’s taken some getting used to. 

Bottom line is, I’ve never been this big before. I realize I don’t have to tell you jack about my weight gain, but I’m fine with it, and I’d rather be an open book, baby. That’s how I roll.

This week, I’m eight pounds heavier than my starting weight… and I attribute that to ALL BUMP and FLUID! …Hah! Don’t get it twisted, I’m definitely carrying some extra juice on my buns and in my hips. Just call me Kim K.

Here is what I have to say about my new body.


I’ve been doing some damage in the maternity shopping department, because…aside from comfort, looking cute is a priority. Duh. Baby C will have a MILF.

My favorites so far have been the following:

HATCH: On the more expensive side, but makes high quality, fashion forward, and COMFORTABLE stuff.

ASOS Maternity: Got (2) super cute bathing suits for $60! Like wuuuuuttt. I was skeptical about the quality, but they’re actually really nice and fit well. WIN.

BLANQI Supportwear: Found these guys on Insta. Just bought their over-the-bump leggings and supportive tank. All black. Obviously. I’ll let you know how I like.


BEYOND (YOGA) THE BUMP: Most comfortable activewear.

…K, now I kinda wanna shop. I just saw some new arrivals…

In the meantime, chew on this…


Sticky Buns + Belly Buds

January 10, 2017

Good Morning Team.

I woke up at 5am and couldn’t go back to sleep. Since getting pregnant, not one night has gone by where I’ve slept through. I usually wake up once or twice to go to the bathroom, or for some other inexplicable reason. Most of the time I fall right back asleep, but sometimes it’s a no-go and I find myself tossing and turning in bed — ugh — but I guess my body is preparing me for the zero sleep I have on the horizon.


<insert emoji with fake smile>.


So I got Belly Buds for Christmas.

It’s never too early to get the dance party started! Every morning I stick these babies on and let Baby C listen to a range of, what I would classify as, “chill vibe brain food.” I’m hopeful he will have great rhythm (like Mom and Dad), and be a baby genius. Lofty low expectations, I know.

The best part about these, is that they comes with a split cord, so I get to listen too. You didn’t think I wouldn’t be IN ON THE PARTY now, would you?

We are listening to Bob Marley “Stir It Up” right now. We need some island vibes in the midst of the frozen tundra outside.



I’m 20 weeks and change, so officially HALF-WAY there! Yeah, buddy! Although the first trimester felt like an eternity, I have a feeling the rest of the pregnancy will FLY by. I am trying my best to stay present, and trust that all the changes that seem to happen on the hour, every hour, are what Baby C needs. I guess he’s in charge now. In a weird way, I am looking forward to seeing how giant my bump gets. At the rate I’m going, my belly will grow another 10 inches or so. Holy shit.



Overall, I eat more or less the same, now that I have an appetite again. I think that now, I actually take even more care in my choices. I also find that I don’t eat dessert like I used to – e v e r y  s i n g l e  n i g h t. I am preferring to cook most meals myself. In a weird way, eating out or ordering-in, doesn’t sound as appetizing and I get slightly queasy at the thought.

The single exception to all of this is…


NOT to be confused with cinnamon rolls. :::SIGH:::

You have to understand that I’ve been wanting one of these since early November, and, after scouring the inter-web and New York City, it can be concluded that they’re impossible to find.

So plan B was to make them myself. After buying all of the ingredients in early December, I finally made them on Saturday night…complete with homemade, motherfuckin dough – that’s wussup! I was in the kitchen for a solid four hours, but it was worth it.

That’s the stuff right there. HIT. THE. SPOT.



We’ll wrap-up with, yet another reminder that not being present is counter-productive.