2012 Gingerbread Housing: It’s A Success!

December 20, 2012

What’s up My Peppermint Snowflakes with Holly on top!?!?

Ay dios mio!

…I know I’ve kept your eyeballs waiting a very long time for a dose of the Double-D, but understand that when I’m in California I am spread very thin, folks! 98% of my time is dedicated to my three very active, very chatty, busybody peanuts!


Here’s the Queen Bee, Ella Claire flying high in the sky, practicing her fancy moves.

…And Buddy Buster Brown copying his sister also being verrrry brave, flying with no hands.

…And then here we have Gracie, also known as the Bossy Bulldozer Child.

As much as I want to squeeze them all to pieces constantly…

I’ve got sh*t to get done, yo!

…And so I took a leave of absence for a few hours today. <Sigh> Let’s just hope I accomplish all that is listed on my desktop sticky notes…

(although, I would not be holding my breath if I were you…jus sayin’wink

Okay, so since the Daily Dubes is in ***VACATION MODE*** I thought I’d give y’all good video, and pull my good ‘ole dancing skills out of the woodwork.

Get. Excited! Get, get excited!

Without further ado, I welcome you to the Daily Dubie, California Style...

WOOP! Holla back youngin’…


…Well that was fun, as it always is, but now we must move on to BIGGER, more important things like…


Last year I took my first stab at making/decorating gingerbread houses with the munchkins. It was fun and all, but…

Holy mother of disasters!

It was (sadly) an epic FAIL. Thankfully, we all had a sense of humor about the whole thing and laughed our buns off. And, let’s be honest, the only thing the babies cared about was inhaling the candy and licking the frosting.


Check out last year’s busted gingerbread houses…

Yeah…not so hot…but we HAD to give it another go this year!

…So yesterday, we attempted ROUND 2 of Gingerbread Housing, and while it still managed to be a complete and utter disaster – frosting EVERYWHERE!- the house held up on us!

Check it…

Isn’t she a beauty?! I wish I could say that I made the house from scratch, but after the ‘Gingerbreadgeddon’ last year, I happily forked over $19.95 for a pre-made gingerbread house kit, and I must say, that’s the way to do it, kids.

The result: Two VERY HAPPY, VERY PROUD Babies!


Alright, Suckas…that’s all for today!

heartWishing you all HAPPY + HEALTHY + SAFE + SANE last few days before Christmas!heart

kissMuchos Besoskiss


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