2017, Baby! (pun intended)

January 2, 2017

Happy New Year Beautiful People! 

We kept our celebration low key…with the exception of my youngest niece providing our night’s entertainment.

Indulge yourself:

She is the best kind of crazy.


I just got back to the East Coast. Took the redeye last night. Remind me to NEVER book that flight again (at least, while pregnant). I never sleep – and if I do, like last night I miraculously clocked-in 1.5 hours of “sleep,” the quality is never short of shitty.

Despite being deliriously exhausted, it does feel good to be back. I will also speak for Baby C when I say that I think he is too. He’s been having a dance party en-utero ever since touching down on New York soil. He knows he’s home!

So far, here is what I’ve concluded about my babushka:

1). He loves chocolate

2). He loves watching his nieces dance

3). He loves yoga and is already ujjayi breathing. (He’s very advanced. Duh).

4). He loves Beethoven, Mozart and Bob Marley (so far…)

5). He enjoys kegals and TVA contractions

He’s also continuing to take up a hefty piece of real estate inside mommy.

Here’s our latest photoshoot: 19 weeks, wuuuuuut!

Over the past two weeks, my belly has grown two more inches, and I have gained a total of six pounds. My hips feel wider and my ass is getting bigger…HOT DAMN GINA.

While I’m trying not to stress over the weight gain, it is surreal to see (and feel!) my body change so drastically right before my eyes. Most of the time, I seem to be loving my new curves, but hear ye, hear ye…I’ve had my dramatic, emo moments, due to feeling like a stuffed sausage, just barrrrrely fitting into my pre-baby pants…It’s a good thing I sprung for two pairs of maternity jeans, it’s officially time to shelf the others. Moving on! ….

The good news is, now that I am well into my second trimester, and the barfing is at bay, I have a healthy appetite for healthy foods…Here are some of my go-to obsessions: 

1). Peanut Butter

2). ALL fruit – especially citrus.

3). Acai bowls

4). Kale caesar salads

5). Ground turkey 

6). Chocolate 

7). Plain Greek Yogurt

I’ve also been making a point of incorporating daily exercise into my routine. Even if it’s just 20 minutes of yoga at home, I MOVE.

If you’re interested in my detailed account of staying fit and healthy throughout my pregnancy, I’ll be guest posting on Instagram and writing some blogs for Core Pilates NYCaka: My place of business. 

I’ll talk honestly about everything- ranging from specific exercises that help relieve common aches/pains, help prepare for labor, and keep you looking like a hot mamacita, to meal/snack ideas-complete with my own recipes, to healthy ways to manage all the fears and anxieties that go hand-in-hand with growing a human inside you. It should be fun, not only for you – for me, too. It’s a two-way street, people! It will help keep me on track and focused.

More on that soon! …


Let’s end with a beautiful, simple thought, inspired by the talented In-Q.

2017 is all about NOW, folks.



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