30 Minutes to toned gams & a tight tush

July 31, 2012

GoooOOOooooOOoood Morning Beautifuls!!!

How are y’all feeling today? … Ahhhhhhh said….(still have that Texas accent working for me)

How are y’all feeling today?!?

Maybe a little ‘Oooooh on the TLC tip’ will help turn up the heat on your day.



I love throwbacks. 90’s rap and R&B are where it’s at-No Limit Soldiers, Mya, TLC, Monica, Aaliyah, KC & JoJo, INOJ, En Vogue! Don’t be deceived by the blonde hair, folks…I’ve got swagger and have been known to get seriously gangsta with my jams. Subscribe to my latest Spotify playlist, Gangsta Sauce, for the best 3 hours of your life. You won’t regret it.

Here’s a sneak peak:

Alright, now that I’ve resurfaced some of the sickest throwbacks ever, my hope is that it will provide you with inspiration and motivation to create a fresh, new playlist of your own that will get you excited to move that body, because it’s all about having a good time, isn’t it? If my playlist blows, my workouts usually do too, so new tracks always seem to perk things up in the workout department.

So go on and get your music in check, then try my latest Treadmill routine out for size, I’m dubbing it the…

Burn Burn Booty: 30 Minutes To Toned Gams & A Tight Tush! 

heartDo this when you’re feelingReady to get back into the workout groove (post-vacay or long weekend) and you want to break a sweat.

heartBurn-o-Meter (scale of 1-10, 10 being almost unbearable)6.5 / 7

heartIt will leave you feeling: Tight, energized and accomplished.

Feeling ambitious? Add another 10-15 minutes on the elliptical after you finish this workout. yes

THAT’S a wrap, Lovers!

Wishing you ALL GORGEOUS days!

heartLove & Besosheart


P.S.: Remember to watch women’s gymnastics tonight! They’re up for a TEAM GOLD! First time since 1996! Let’s also see if Señor Phelps can take home another gold in the 200 meter butterfly & become the most decorated athlete EVER! Gangsta Sauce!


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