A Spooky + Stormy Week on the Daily D

October 29, 2012

Holy Sweet Balls of Monday, Pumpkins!

A Hurricane’s a Comin’!!!

Sound the siren!

If you have a pair of eyeballs and ears, you should know darn well who’s expected to show her nasty face in New York City (and surrounding areas) very soon…

We’re making way for Sandy, folks!

Currently, we have a 6 hour countdown until the b*tch arrives, and I’ve got my dukes up!

Sandy doesn’t even knoooooooowwww what I have in store for HER…how about that?!? If she could even see my guns…Pssht <head shaking>…prepare for HER?!?…she better prepare for US! 

Check out Casa de Constantiner…all stocked up…calm, lovely, warm, cozy and yummy…

Food? …

Check! yes …

Water? …

Check! yes

A filled bathtub just in case water gets shut off…

Special  “secret” cookies that you’ll get the recipe for this week? …

Check! yes

Matches, candles, batteries & charged electronics (with backup chargers)…

Roger That! yes

We’re going to be comfy monkeys up in this joint, while she tears through the streets of Manhattan, and that’s a fact!

You see, what Sandy doesn’t know is that she’s essentially given me (and the rest of New York + New Jersey) a “holiday” weekend…a nice, quiet day off. A day to be both productive-on your own terms, without the Lumbergs of the world up your ass about finishing QED reports and other such meaningless minutiae…and you can also do things for yourself that regularly get put on back burner during the work week.

You want to take a nap today?

Do it!

You want to watch a movie marathon?

Indulge yourself!

You want to finish reading that book you’ve been “reading” now for the past 3 months?

Get after it!

The way I see things is that we can only do so much to prepare. Weather is out of our control, so if you’ve done all you can to ensure you’re safe and comfortable, why not have a little fun with it?


We’re all about F-to-the-U-N on the Daily Dubes, aren’t we now?! Awwwwww yeeeeeeaahhhhh laughsmileycheeky

Alright Muñecas! Are you ready to slice into the Daily Dubie pie to see what sorts of flavors and fun are in store this week?

Let’s Do This!

Monday: We talk Sandy and how she is going to get p’wned by US! Hurricane schmirricaneBut really… in all seriousness, make sure you’re prepared and in a safe and comfortable place for days to come, only then can you pop a bottle…because after all, we can’t control the weather, but we can DECIDE to have a good time, so why not?

Tuesday: In the wake of the storm, I’ll share my “Stuff-it-Sandy” roasted Butternut squash recipe that will warm your soul and do your body good (because lord knows us on the east coast will need it!). 

Wednesday: BOO! Happy Halloween, Lovers! Tune in today so you can get the scoop on how to have a Healthy Halloween, using my Six Spooky TipsHint: Candy is still totally on the menu! No deprivation here!

Thursday: Get up close and personal…with YOURSELF! I talk the importance of carving out time each week to devote to your whole self and nothing but yourself! I’ll explain how regularly engaging in activities you find restorative, invigorating and or relaxing promote productivity, inspiration and motivation!

Friday: I give you cookies! And y’all will drool over this week’s recipe! It’s like none I’ve ever done before, and boy is it a doozy!…Here’s a hint: one of the ingredients is best enjoyed roasted over a campfire-(hello marshmallows!). 

MMMmm kay gorgies…get ready for another delicious and nutritious week on the Daily D!

heartWishing you all warm  + dry + safe + cozy eves filled with LOVE and PROTECTIVE HUGS!heart

kissMuah! Muah! Muah!kiss


*Special Announcement: I’m opening up the floor up to YOU this week! Keep your eyes peeled for a “Give Me Your Cookies” Newsletter! Tell me what types of ingredients/cookies you would love to see me make or make-over!

**Double-the-awesomeness: For the month of November only, I will experiment select recipes and give away a Daily Dubie exclusive treat to the winning idea/cookie recipe (AND you’ll get sent a sample of your very own cookie creation!).

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