California Update: Babies Doing Pilates & Getting Tattoos

April 23, 2013

Lover Pies of My Life!!! …

Greetings from West Coast!

<Long Sigh>

Let’s all take a moment of silence to Namaste.

…As expected, every drop of energy I have has been expended, day after day, since landing in the sunny state. Holy Cow! …I am now relishing in my moment of peace and taking the opportunity to write to all of your beautiful eyeballs…although, there isn’t much writing to be had, rather, there are muchas picturas!

Feast your eyeballs on this cuteness to the third power!

Ella Bells Pilate-fying per the demand request of her Auntie Lola wink

The 100: Advanced-Style!

Rolling Like A Ball

Modeling the Core Pilates NYC sweatshirt: All of the teachers at the studio were asked to snap a “creative” photo of ourselves in the core sweatshirt. I can’t do creative, but I can do cute, especially when I have a niece who looks like this!

Check it out, Lovers!


No one stands a chance against my little peanut! …But of course, I am biased (and not creative) so, for now, let’s just enjoy the photos.

Woot! Woot!

Moving right along…

Swatting some “bees” that seem to “follow” Buddy…

Ells in my geisha robe heart

Celebrating Brother’s 25th Birthday @ Mozza.

With Sis, channeling the “Lizes”…

…It’s based off our names…LOL

Buddy with Rexi Pie

Uncle Mikey comes!…

Uncle Mikey conquers…

Gracers getting after the guacamole!

The girl can EAT! I’ll snap a photo of her chubby thighs later…wink

Me with Buddyman watching TV. Shortly after finishing an episode of Gumby and Pokey (his favorite) I got a request to watch the Britney Spears and Will I.A.M “Scream & Shout” music video. This was more my speed…I can do Brit.

…That’s a wrap, Suckas!

See y’all soon! Keep the eyeballs peeled!



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