July 10, 2016

Beautiful People of My Life.

Last week was heavy, and far too multifaceted and complicated for me to get into.

But, for what it’s worth, my heart broke hearing about the injustice and unfortunate deaths that unfolded. Things must change. I believe that, at it’s core, hate is fear, and the world would be a better place if we could replace that fear with love.




So, coming off the tail-end of an intense week, I thought I would keep this post light and airy.

I just finished watching Summer Rentalthrowback to 1985 (when I was two), and when John Candy starred in every movie worth writing home about.

The eighties were so gangster.


Remember when the floozy neighbor showed everyone with a dick and eyeballs her new boobs?

Oh yeah. That was some special.


…You know what else is special times infinity?

My niece Ella coming to stay with us for a WHOLE WEEK!!!

Look at THIS FACE. It doesn’t get better. I cannot handle the cuteness.


Suffice to say -and I’ll speak in the 3rd person here- Auntie Lola and Uncle Mikey have been waiting all Summer for this moment!!!

If you know me, you know that I’ve already taken #campconstantiner to another level.

WE BALL HARD over here.

Ell’s and I have had several conferences via Face Time to discuss what snacks I should have around -yogurt, frozen raspberries, mango, watermelon, salsa verde and ice cream-to which dance outfits to take, to making pizzas and chocolate chip cookies while she’s here.

For sure, life will be royal at #campconstantiner.

You know it will be well documented, so follow the fun, bros and hoes….follow the fun.


Now, get a load of this improv dance party brought to you by: Ella Claire (9) & Gracie Josephine (4)

* * * T H E Y   F L A W L E S S * * *

<drop tha mic> ….

Dubie Out.


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