Cleaning Shit Up

May 18, 2015

Hi Babies,

‘Sup? ‘Sup?



I will warn that it’s very drastic. It might take a while to get used to the new Dubie.

First, let’s take three deep breaths…




K. Here it goes!


BAM! Who sees the “strawberry ribbons?”

If you see me in person, I’d appreciate you first complimenting the amazing color, and then giving me mad props for taking such a big risk.

Thank you. Namaste. Domo Arigato.


I am currently listening to “ESM,” aka: electronic study music. It’s everything you would ever want in life. I highly recommend that you tune-in yourself. It gives you this unbelievable capability to focus, while also feeling like you’re at _________ <insert name of club cool people go to>.

As soon as I finish taking my vitamins, we can talk about “Cleanse de Dubie.” One of the six Spirulina tablets I take just fell inside my shirt. Hold on while I find it…

Okay I can’t find it. Whatever.


If you’re a seasoned DD reader, you already know my stance on cleansing.

I AM (sorta) A HATER.

In short, I think that every person needs different types and different amounts of food, depending on their biological makeup and their lifestyle. The idea of  severely and temporarily restricting what one ingests, can only serve to benefit a person (if at all) TEMPORARILY.

Being able to find a way of eating that is sustainable AND satisfying is the key to longterm health and happiness. PERIOD. THE END.

But sometimes, we need to clean shit up. We need to tweak. We need to experiment.

In my recent quest to “clean shit up,” I found that it’s actually through  restriction that we become hyper-aware of deep, emotional stuff that needs addressing, and this I can appreciate.

To me, it’s annoying as fuck to not have an option to eat whatever I want, but I when I commit to something, I commit. Take peanut butter for example. Peanut butter is something I am trying to eat less of, just because I eat a WHOLE LOT of it. Almond butter bores me – it’s not as exciting or flavorful, and therefore not as satisfying. When I am not satisfied, I can get crabby, bitchy, bratty, impatient, and any other adjective that would imply unhappiness. Then, my mind starts to wander off into negative territory – any self-doubt or insecurities I have resurface, not because I didn’t eat my peanut butter(!) but because they still exist and I need DEAL with it to shut the noise up once and for all.


Bad/sad emotions come up when we don’t get what we want, so that we can address the feelings, figure out why we feel that way, and then…CHANGE!

Yeah boi.

Sometimes a little restriction is healthy.

What do YOU think? Holler at me.


I’m out. Muah.



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1 Comment

  • Reply Amy May 19, 2015 at 7:28 am

    Color looks great!! Almost didn’t recognize you 😉
    I’m all for detoxing when executed properly. Restricting foods from time to time can be effective. I have a serious love/hate relationship with detoxing and then I turn into 50 shades of crazy when I’m hungry!
    I have restricted myself from consuming sugar! The bad stuff- No sweets. No Vanilla soy lattes (guilty pleasure) and no more banana bread or Blueberry muffins. Ugh!!
    The results clearer skin!! And that was the goal 🙂 Holla!! of course at some point I’m going to really need a delicious dose of sugar but moderation is key!
    I also like to restrict myself from meat time to time. It is truly effective when it comes to my Lymphedema. Reduced swelling, smoother skin texture and less fatigue.
    Overall I agree that a little restriction is healthy.

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