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July 20, 2012

Good Afternoon Beautifuls!!!

It’s Friday! Get Your Hands Up! It’s Friday! Oh Yeah! …

Just a little jingle I like to sing when I’m jazzed about something…And it’s the freakin’ weekend, Dollie Muffins! – Y’all should be out of your bloody minds with excitement! smiley

SOoooOOOooooOOooooOOooo today I was going to do my Big OMilk Reveal, but the cuz is here and still we have a lot of ground to cover today, so I’m going to save this jewel of a post for next week! Keep those eyeballs peeled!

Instead, I encourage you to head on over to FemFusionFitness where you can check out my FULL POST on Body Image where I share my own struggles on the matter, and provide some of the best ways we can learn to love ourselves just the way we are today!

Cheers Suckas! Love you Mucho!

kissMuah! Muah! Muah!kiss


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