Pumpkins & POW WOW!

September 17, 2012

Holy Mother of Monday…

<Long Sigh>

What is UUUUUUPPPPPP My Delicious Readers?!?! cool

It’s Monday, get those hands up! It’s Monday, shake your booty! It’s Monday, I’ve got a video…so PRESS PLAY (and totally feel free to laugh your buns away!)

How’s that for your daily dose of mother loving FUN!? Woop! It’s an awesome thing to start the day off with some moving and shaking, wouldn’t you agree? It does the mind and the body SO good, y’all! yes

Okay, now that we’ve warmed up, I can cut right into the haystacks…

While I haven’t yet pulled out the BIG, fall-decorating GUNS, burnt-orange hues, apple scented candles and rooster napkins have started to creep into Casa de Constantiner, I’ll admit.

Check it:

..And I’ll tell ya something else…this whole “September / Fall decoration interim period” of waiting to pull out the pumpkins is kill-ing me. I think I might cheat, and start the pumpkin-party early. Next week as a matter of fact. wink

Who’s with me? smileyDo YOU decorate for fall? If so, SHOW ME how and tell me WHEN!

Email me some photos showing how you spice up your pad so I can share your world with the Daily Dubie community! Sharing is caring, y’all! …and there just might be a *special giveaway* for the winning decorator! Details to come!*

And now…the moment you’ve all been waiting for…

The Much Anticipated, NEVER duplicated

Preview Of the Week!

Monday: Duh! It’s your Preview of The Week, with some extra pumpkin/fall decorating nonsense sprinkled on top. 

Tuesday: Unwrap these Five Packaged Snacks that are filled with ingredients you can actually pronounce! It’s true, I sometimes resort to packaged foods when I’m in a pinch or traveling and these are among my favorites because they’re filled with nourishing, whole ingredients that provide energy and keep you satiated!

Wednesday: It’s COOKIE TIME! I’ve got another gangster nation cookie recipe for y’all to try! This week we go rich, dark and nutty with my Coffee Hazelnut Chocolate Chip cookies. As are all of my recipes, these babies are flat belly friendly, gluten free and vegan!

Thursday: I weigh in on weighing yourself. I discuss why I believe weight really is just a number, and often times breeds unhealthy behavior and an unhealthy relationship with your body.

Friday: Fall Fruit Feature: Pears!  Not only will I tell you why they’re so badass and nourishing, I’ll also share my favorite ways to enjoy them! *recipe included!* 

Alright Beautifuls…I have GOT to sign my booty off. It feels like I’ve been writing this post for an eternity (despite the lack of content).

heartWishing you all SPLENDID, SUCCULENT & SAUCY Eves, FILLED with LOVE! heart

kissMuchos Besoskiss


P.S.: Send in ALL FALL-DECORATING PHOTOS to laura@dailydubie.com Woop!

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