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August 6, 2012

Good Morning My Delicious Daily Dubie Readers!

What the heck is up?!? It’s Monday…so why not make it a FUUUUUUN-day? wink

…Okay, that was total lame sauce, BUT, I really encourage y’all to sprinkle your week with some jazzy plans, so that you always have something to look forward to. I find it to be the fire under my tush! It keeps me excited, motivated and inspires me to bring it each and every day (with bells and whistles!).

Here are some ideas:

  • Schedule lunches, dinners, coffees or cocktails with good friends, or acquaintances you want to get to know better.
  • Go to a concert
  • See a movie
  • Host a cocktail or dinner party
  • Act like tourist: Go visit a museum, famous building or site that you would never think to do otherwise.
  • Take any kind of class you’re unfamiliar with: cooking, baking, art, acting, etc.
  • Say YES to something you would usually say NO to.

Why am I wasting my breath on getting y’all to make new plans? Becauuuuuuuse when we put ourselves in unfamiliar settings or situations, we learn and grow from the experience. Meeting new people, developing new interests, or discovering new talents only helps strengthen our character and zest for life; It keeps us awesome. On the contrary, when we continue to do the same ‘ole sh*t, we become stale, boring and usually aren’t totally happy and satisfied with ourselves or our lives.

 Take your Coolness, Happiness and Intelligence into your own hands & Do cool sh*t. smiley

…Alrighty now, you ready to take a little trip, take a little trip, take a little trip and see…a little low rider action for your listening pleasure (or pain).


heart The Preview Of the Week heart

  • Monday: POW + Urge to try new things + Bonus Watermelon Twist Smoothie Recipe 
  • Tuesday: Walk the plank with me! Put on your favorite jam, and drop to bows & toes! I take you through my intense 5 minutes ab series you can do anywhere!
  • Wednesday: It’s COOKIE TIME! I share a new, Daily Dubie Original cookie recipe. It’s extra awesome because it’s Paleo-friendly, Vegan, dairy, gluten and soy free.
  • Thursday: I dig deep with y’all, and share why you need to chase your fear, instead of hide from it!
  • Friday: It’s a WILDCARD, Dolls! Keep those ears and eyeballs PEELED for something pretty dang awesome.

Sound like a plan? cool

…Before I give you peace & besos, here’s a *BONUS RECIPE* for y’all to try!

Watermelon Twist Smoothie

*Note: All smoothie recipes can be spiked for a good time* wink

1 Cup Fresh Watermelon

1 Cup Frozen Pineapple

6 oz. Coconut Water

1/2 small lime (including peel!)

That’s Wussup!

Wishing you ALL Beautiful, Badace days!

kissMuah! Muah! Muah!kiss


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