February 16, 2015


Photo on 2-16-15 at 10.59 AM #5

I’m abandoning greeting formalities today because I just fucked serious shit up at the gym this morning.

Open up your eyeballs REAL BIG and watch this magic:



To put things into perspective, I was projected to lift 193#, based off of my training numbers. THAT’S 42 more pounds than anticipated…I also basically lifted TWICE my body weight = TWO DUBIES! Not one, TWO! …No big deal. For a 1 rep max, this actually moved very fast, which indicates that I have the strength and ability to lift MORE weight. !?!?!?!?!??!?!??!?!?!?!??!?

MIND BLOWN, right?! So, we put on another 5# to see what would happen, and at that point I got into my stupid head and sabotaged my lift. It moved off the floor, but it was a struggle, and I decided I was going to be a pussy and put the weight down. BAD LAURA! BAD! (I even had on a bright purple weight lifting belt to match my leg warmers – I mean, I should have thrown that shit over my head).

Case in point: I AM LIVING PROOF of the FAIL that happens when we get in our heads. We are what we think. When I was unaware of how much weight I was lifting, I lifted it (Tur knows not to tell me that shit). Once I found out my numbers, it freaked me out and I didn’t believe I could do it. I have the physical capability to lift more weight, but I was impatient – didn’t like that it was a slow struggle, so I gave up mentally. My technique also started to give, which is not something I am used to feeling / being okay with…SHOCKER.

Moral of the story: Something’s gotta give to make tha GAINZZZ, baby.

…and now, let this be your good quote of the week:




K. I took some more selfies of me sipping out of my new Publizity cup. Pay close attention. The sip is done in steps. Note: The tongue is a very important part of the sip.

Photo on 2-16-15 at 10.59 AM

Photo on 2-16-15 at 10.59 AM #2

Photo on 2-16-15 at 10.59 AM #3

Photo on 2-16-15 at 10.59 AM #4***

We’re done here, Playas.





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