Fast Out The Gate: 30 Minute Cardio Blast!

June 11, 2012

Hiiiiiiiiiii Y’all!!!

What’s up, Monday?!?!

Let’s get those hands up in the ay-er and wave ’em like you just don’t cay-er!!! Woop!

I hope your weekends were the Jam-Sauce! – filled with fun, friends, family, fabulous food and a cocktail or two! yes As I mentioned in Friday’s post, Honey Bunch and I got the heck out of the city in favor of a quiet, peaceful weekend up in Kent, Connecticut. Ay dios mio is it beauuuuuutiful up there! Really, it’s stunning! So lush and so green! We went for hikes up in Pond Mountain both Saturday and Sunday mornings, noshed on some delicious farm-to-table food, and really just did a whole lotta nothing! It was grande! Just the ticket to get me over my bluesy week…can’t you tell I’m in MUCH HIGHER spirits today?!?

Here are some photos from the getaway:

The Hikes @ Pond Mountain

Bananas, right?!?!

And here are some desserts we ordered at Community Table restaurant.

This is HAY ICE CREAM! HAY, as in haystacks! It was super yummy and had these little balls of shortbread-like cookie stuffed underneath that whipped layer…I went after those balls! 

This is the chocolate bed of mousse. This had an Oreo-like crust that was to-die for!

We killed both of these babies! Although it’s never been a struggle for me to polish off dessert! wink

Now, it’s time to MOVE ON and MOVE THOSE BOOTIES to TODAY’s BUN-BURNING routine!!!

I’m dubbing this:

“Fast-Out-The-Gate”: 30 Minute Cardio Blast

Challenge Factor: Moderate-Hard

Do This When You’re Feeling: Energetic / Pumped Up / Awake

TIME                    INCLINE                      SPEED

0-1                           0.0                               6.0

2-3                           0.0                               6.5

3-4                           0.0                               7.0

4-5                           0.0                               7.5

5-7                          15.0                              3.7

7-8                       climb down                   4.5

8-9                           0.0                               7.0

9-10                         0.0                               8.0

10-11                       0.0                               9.0

11-13                      15.0                              3.7

13-14                   climb down                   4.5

14-15                       0.0                               7.0

15-16                       0.0                               8.0

16-17                       0.0                               9.0

17-19                      15.0                              3.7

19-20                   climb down                   4.5

20-21                       0.0                               7.0

21-22                       0.0                               8.0

22-23                       0.0                               9.0

23-25                      15.0                              6.5

25-26                   climb down                    4.5

26-27                        0.0                               7.5

27-28                        0.0                               8.5

28-30                      15.0                               3.7

30-31                  climb down                     4.0

31-32                  cool down jog                6.0

This got me hot, sweaty, and ready to take on another 30 minutes of strength training! It’s quick, yet effective. If you’re an animal and want more cardio, by all means continue to repeat the workout OR 



If you wake up and aren’t feeling ready to go after it, try THIS more moderate cardio routine.

Before I sign off for the day…Here’s what’s


  • Monday: Bun Burner workout with a side of  what to expect this week!
  • Tuesday: My Top 5 Ways To Bake Healthy with a Recipe on top!
  • Wednesday: Reader Recipe Wednesday a la carte
  • Thursday: Secrets to Staying healthy in the Office!
  • Friday: W i L d C a R D    F r i D a Y! Could be ANYTHING! Video, Audio, Recipe, Workout, Life, Love, Nonsense, etc.! You have to TUNE IN to find out!

That’s all for today My Love Muffins!

Check y’all tomorrow!



heartPeace & Besosheart


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