November 21, 2014

Baby Lovers of My Life…

‘Sup? ‘Sup?

Before you hit the reefer, it’s mandatory that you play this fuck-ing amazing song, guaranteed to make you feel suuuuuuhhhh good! 

Get it! Get it!

IMG_7589 IMG_7591

Since our date Monday, a few things have happened…

1). My pregnant Muffin did Pilates for the first time. Here she is working on some spinal extension.



Mini Muffin loved it. Muffin gave the babe millions of “hugs” with her transversus abdominis. Holla!

2). I came across this golden nugget of retardary, thanks to Joe Rogan. Press play HERE.

3). Check out my latest interview with Core Pilates NYC’s newest teacher, Katie!

Now, I leave you with this gangsta as fuck quote…


Liar = Pussy. Don’t be a pussy.


That’s all I got. Be nice. Be happy. I love you.



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