Getting & Being Pregnant: Catch-22

December 17, 2016

Holy Snowy shit storm!

..It wouldn’t be holiday travel without a healthy dose of “wintry mix” (<– I’ve included a link to it’s definition for all you amateurs on the West Coast that never have to deal with busted weather). 

In anticipation of flight cancellations, we decided to hop on a later flight, once weather has settled. Turns out our original flight isn’t even delayed. WHATEVER…the up side to all this is I GET TO TALK TO ALL OF YOU!

Yeah Baby. I see the silver lining in EVERYTHING (sometimes). That’s the 2017 Dubie. Hehehehehe.

Let’s just get right to the (bump) money shot, because I know that’s why you’re here…to see me grow and expand in all one direction over the next 4.5 months. (THAT’S NOT THAT FAR AWAY!)

I’ve officially gained three pounds and the circumference of my belly measures in at 33″! It grew an inch this week. Boobs continue to make Mama proud. I have cleavage for once in my life and it’s a beautiful thing. I think I am going to start to post risk-ay photos of my pregnant self, half-naked, in thong bikinis, accompanied by deep, introspective quotes…because quotes make it seem like it’s not as slutty as it looks (???).

I kid. What a nightmare that would be. Next! …

I thought I would post my first, sincere post about my overall experience and opinion of pregnancy thus far, and how I am keeping my mind sound and fears at-bay. (dudes, feel free to peace the fuck out).


Before entering the unknown world of trying to get pregnant, then being pregnant, I had NO idea what was involved…If you are trying to get pregnant now, STAY AWAY FROM THE INTERNET. It’s filled with negativity and fear from women who are not medical professionals. It is so easy to fall into the the vortex of examining cervical mucus, and navigating the world of acronyms – most of which I still don’t know their meaning. And I admit, I fell down that rabbit hole a time or two, but I learned quickly that it only caused unnecessary freak-outs that weren’t good for my psyche.

The point I’m trying to make is that, in my experience, there is a catch-22 to getting and being pregnant in today’s world. On the one hand, we have a plethora of information, as well as technological and medical advances at our disposal. These can be wonderful things — and trust when I say that I wouldn’t want to not have these options available, but they can also cause mamas-to-be a lot of unnecessary fear and anxiety if they aren’t used wisely. They can take the trust you have in your own body out of the equation. Personally, I feel like, now, of all times, I need to listen to my body (and Baby C!) above all else. They know best. I truly believe that. This is my opinion, and I realize that for other women, their journey is different, and thus their feelings surrounding all of this might be much different. Respect and love to all. <3

I just think about how we, humans, have been successfully reproducing for hundreds of thousands of years, when there was NO medicine. Sure, maternal and infant death was more frequent, but it was successful enough to get us to where we are today. Even if we just go back 30 years, when our parents had us. My mom was telling me the other day that she didn’t have ANY sonograms when she was pregnant with me and my sister. It just wasn’t available back then, like it is today. Mama J then proceeded to say, I just always knew everything was okay…and this stuck with me!

I think that, in a way, the lack of information and technology allowed women to trust in themselves more, which is what can get lost among all of the tests and medical advances we have today. How we navigate it can make the world a difference in our (and our baby’s) mental and physical well-being. Boom.


To help me namaste I’ve taken on adult coloring books. I know. I am so hip.

I have yet to color one page, but I plan on it while we fly 6.5 hours to the West Coast this afternoon. I swear. You can get yours here. I also recommend these fine-tipped markers. So elegant.


That’s it’s for today, party people.







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