May 2, 2016

Hello Family…

It’s :::GRANOLA CENTRAL:::: up in this biz.

The short of it is I think I’m getting sick – I came home from teaching with a full-fledged sore throat / headache / body ache. 

I also sent my husband these sexy photos of me in bed. Wouldn’t want to rob you of them, so here you go…

Photo on 5-2-16 at 5.14 PM

Photo on 5-2-16 at 5.15 PM



But, for real, this Laura-getting-sick situation has got to go.


I’m not worried. I’VE GOT THIS. I’m using the powers of positive thinking, lemon, hot tea, acai bowls, OnGuard essential oils and chicken soup to heal my body up REAL GOOD.


…I just re-heated roast chicken from last night (stovetop-fuck that microwave noise), and sliced up fresh avocado to top it off like a master.


I even attempted to nap (a rare occasion). My nap lasted 15 minutes at best, so I resorted to watching a documentary about childbirth – The Business of Being Born – in case you were wondering – and, oh baby (pun intended), was it intense. It left me more informed about the choices I have when it comes time to pushing a baby human out my vagina. I recommend it.

Oh, bytheway, I am not pregnant.


…But speaking of babies…Here are baby Dubie vibes to wrap this post uuuuppppp.


Didn’t plan on ending so soon, but I need to relocate back to la cama (that’s bed in Spanish) immediately, turn the lights off, and sleep, baby! 

I’m out.


dubie-signature-left(i’ll withhold the xo’s. don’t wanna spread this shizz).

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