Happy Halloween Suckas!

October 31, 2013


Sweet photoshop skills, huh? I’m pretty damn proud. That’s badass Daily Dubie right there. Like it.

This is a TRICK because I’m only popping into your lives for a hot second. It’s also a TREAT because you get a taste of the Dubie, which is better than nothin’, right?

Woot…I am so clever aren’t I? wink

Okay…YOUR treat is to feast your ojos on some sweet (and some slutty) Halloween moments I’ve had in years past. Have at it…

The Sweet…

The Slutty…

Boom. It’s wrap, Gangsters.

Have FUN eves! I’ll check y’all tomorrow when I reveal what I crushed on in October. It’s a juicy one. Don’t miss it.




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