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October 20, 2015

HI EVERYBODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Photo on 10-20-15 at 9.33 AM #2

Good morning. Buenos Dias. Que pasa? What’s good? Who you talkin’ about?

I (literally) woke up like this.

Photo on 10-20-15 at 9.33 AM

…Ain’t no shame in my game. I don’t get dolled up on the reg for several reasons…

1). I don’t have the patience. For about 34 minutes, three weeks ago, I considered attempting to make myself Instagram famous, but realized that I’d have to spend all of my free time dressing up and staging photos that seem effortless, but really take four hours of preparation and planning to achieve. FUCK THAT NOISE.

2). It’s more comfortable not to.

3). Puts more power in my fancy game. 

Wut wut.


New York is fucking CRISP (accent on the “s”). I love fall, and I love crispy weather, but it takes my body a few days to acclimate. For example, unless I am pregnant (I am not), I have been feeling exceptionally tired the past few days. If I had the option, I would stay in bed all day.

For my West Coast readers, you have to understand that with the onset of colder weather, you have to factor in an extra 5 minutes of time every time you leave a building. That can add up to an hour of time dressing/undressing/day. It’s exhausting. The upside: I burn more calories = I get to eat more. HOLLA.


I have several announcements today. Hit ’em up…

1). This SUNDAY, OCTOBER 25th, at 9AM I will be teaching a FREEReXist360 Pilates mat class at Sweaty Betty in Flatiron. Class is 55-minutes long. What distinguishes this class from a regular Pilates mat class, is the use of these specially patented resistance bands. The bands are used the whole class, and help clients engage their core muscles, provide more stability, and give you a more athletic Pilates workout. It’s really fun!

Photo on 10-20-15 at 9.34 AM #2

The class only holds 12 people, so if you’re interested in signing up, please contact Sweaty Betty at Flatiron@sweatybetty.com immediately. Participants will receive 30% off all clothing after class. Those who aren’t able to sign up/take the class are welcome to come and shop afterward – discount will also apply! 🙂


2). Gangplans is the jam. LISTEN to all of it, especially this song…

3). Later this week…I’ll talk about the importance of accepting the fact that all first drafts are shit, and how they make us better.

4). #Goodquote:



K, bye. Be your best self. Come take my mat class, Sunday.



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