Hit It & Quit It

May 11, 2015

Wuuuuddddduuuuuuupppppp Biatches!?!

I don’t feel like giving you a selfie today. Deal with it.

I will, however, describe in detail the state of my physical being…

*I just showered, so my hair is wet and unruly, but I smell fabulous. I doused myself in NARS monoi body glow and LaVanilla vanilla-coconut spray. I AM A VACATION.

*I am wearing a white Gap tee shirt with some black, not-so-slutty Lululemon shorts. You know, the ones that cover three fingers width of leg, instead of one. Keeping it clean and classy. Haaaayyyyyyyyyyy ~~~


You know I hit and quit Mondays. We’ll wrap it up with some Dubie FACTS:

1). I hate the word horny. Nothing is more unsexy. Please avoid saying in my presence.

2). FUCK turkey bacon. Pork is where it’s at, and has less calories than turkey. BOOM.

3). My current in-the-closet song is Joe Jonas’ “Jealous” the remix. Don’t tell anyone.


To come this (or next) week…

*How I’m cleaning shit up this season.

*Prenatal Pilates. How is it different? Why should you care?


Peace + Love + Namaste.


dubie-signature-left XOXO


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