March 2, 2015

Hola Bebes.

Photo on 3-2-15 at 10.29 AM

Yep. That’s a new hat. It’s offish. Hip Hop has been replaced with Hola, and I think it’s pretty phenomenal. Another very accurate representation of the Daily Dubes. #win


…And. OMG.

I DID IT!!!!!! Weeeeeeeeee!!!!!

I successfully finished my first weightlifting competition, and it was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my adult life.

Photo on 3-2-15 at 10.30 AM #2I have mixed emotions right now…

On the one hand I am relieved that it’s over; mission accomplished! (and I can eat French fries!)

But, on the other hand, I loved every waking moment of training – of going hard in tha motherfuckin’ paint, baby!

The takeaway here is one, big, fat cliche, but there is no other way to sum it up, than to say that it really is…

ALL about the journey, baby.

Most of my gainz were made in the seven weeks leading up to February 28th, 2015. (p.s.: I highly recommend you click on that link to read about gainz. Gainz are fabulous, and I love nothing more than to tell people I am making tha gainz. Sometimes with one z, sometimes with three. Try using it in context today).


Let me start by saying that I never thought I would be a “Crossfit” person. I was convinced that weightlifting, specifically, would bulk me up, so I, like many ill-informed twenty-somethings, continued to overdose on cardio, because that “burns the most calories,” right? Ew. That is so wrong (!) –and probably one of the most annoying things to hear -but we’ll revisit that later. Pre-Crossfit, I exercised more to stay thin and trim, and now I can say that’s some bullshit.

Fast forward to now. I’ve been lifting for one year, and while I may have put on a few pounds of muscle, weight is irrelevant. My my body is the sickest it’s ever been (at least I think so), but most importantly, I am STRONG AS FUCK.



To put all of this into context, two months ago I was able to lift the following weights for 1 repetition:

Back Squat: 160#

Bench Press: 85#

Deadlift: 185#

After six weeks of training, I was able to lift this:

Back Squat: 185#

Bench Press: 102#

Deadlift: 235#

I was only projected to lift 35 more pounds total, but instead I lifted 92 pounds more!!!!!!!! So boss. Like, beyond boss.

The day of the competition, I lifted:

Back Squat: 185# (stood #195 up, but didn’t get low enough, so it didn’t count, but it’s in me!)

Bench Press: 100#

Deadlift: 240# (added 5# to me previous personal record!)

I finished fourth place in my weight class, which was mind-boggling – considering all of the freakishly strong ladies I was up against.


For me, there is something so hot about lady weightlifters – and I mean hot on the inside, and out. I think it takes a special kind of woman (with a vag of steel, no less) to participate in something that is so aggressive and masculine in nature. Because of this, all pussies are left behind (which I love), and what’s left is a unique group of bad bitches that all share an addiction to the same high; who value strength and drive over dress size.


Not only was I thrilled and proud of my own accomplishments, I was just as excited to watch my fellow competitors kick big, beautiful ass (even if it happened to be mine).

This whole competition thing left me hungry for more. I got attached to my strict workout schedule, and loved that I had to bypass carbs and cocktails more often than not.

We’ll see what happens now. Will Dubie go to the Crossfit Games?-(aka: small local, scaled competition)


I don’t have answers today. What I do know is that I’m getting back at it Wednesday. Yeah, buddy.

Until then.

Peace. I love your face.



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