Honoring My Body: In Good Times & In Bad

May 2, 2013

Well, well, well Cuppy-cakes…quite a heavy title we’ve got going on here today, yes?

I’d say! ...

But don’t you worry. I’m not going to get all ooey gooey and woo woo on your buns.

I’m gonna keep this shit real.

I think it’s safe to say that 99.9% of my lady friends feel like a-hole for at least some period of time over the course of their monthly cycle.

Are we all in agreement?

Is it just me, or does your ass feel like it’s grown to fucking huge proportions overnight?

…Just a few days ago I felt like Jenny from the Block with the amount of junk I felt like I was packing in my trunk. It was ridiculous.

Now don’t get me wrong..that’s one hot ass right there. What’s not so hot, is the fact that my already plump behind, seemed to be bursting through the seams of my skinnies, and out of nowhere! The nerve!

What the fudge?!?!?

<sign of the cross> I’m a Pilates instructor, a spandex-friendly occupation. yes

But still, totally annoying, kinda discouraging and not so great for the self-esteem.

Generally speaking, I feel pretty damn good about myself and my body, because…

I take care of it like it’s my job.

Cats out of the bag. Ain’t no bells and whistles here, folks.

  • I eat whole, fresh, healthy and nourishing foods as much as possible.
  • I exercise and am on feet most of the day.
  • I don’t smoke
  • I drink little (although I do have my moments where I pound one too many cocktails).
  • I get a sufficient amount of sleep on most nights

But guess what? I’m also human, and so I have my good days and my bad days when it comes to how I feel about my body. I think this is important for you to know because people often have misconceptions about me being “on” 100% of the time because so much of my world is about staying healthy and feeling good about yourself.

But, Hunnies…let’s get real here. You should know that ain’t the truth. Trust me when I say that I can be a crabby little b*tch who would rather bask in her bloated sorrows over a half dozen cookies and Real Housewives of Orange County at times-that should make anyone feel good about themselves!


So, HOW, you wonder, do I then honor my body in good times and in bad?

  • I know that it’s temporary. Changes in the body are totally normal before and during menstruation. Another important thing to keep in mind is that no two months are the same. There are so many ulterior factors to consider. One month you may not experience any symptoms, and the next you might struggle with a boatload. Regardless, remember to tell yourself that “This, too shall pass.”
  • I continue doing what I’m doing! Just because your ass feels giant, doesn’t mean that your world should stop. Continue to go about your normal activities. It’s actually helpful to distract yourself from the fact that you’re not feeling your finest. Odds are that you’ll feel better afterward!
  • I laugh…hard! Watch something funny, or spend time with a person (or people) who make you laugh so hard you cry. It’s the best remedy! Not only do you get an abdominal workout, you also get happier! Chemically, your body sends happy signals to the brain when you laugh.
  • I continue to take care of myself! There is a stark contrast between reasonably splurging because you really want something, and giving yourself carte blanche to plow through a couple bottles of wine. Continue to prioritize your body and be mindful of how you treat it. Exercise and healthy eating always helps you feel better! It regulates your hormones, which are the boss of everything, from the way you feel, your mood, your weight, your metabolism, your appetite, the appearance of your skin, etc.
  • I let my body experience what it needs to experience. It’s all happening for a reason. Don’t resist, because you’ll only end up driving yourself crazy. Slap on a pair of your stretchiest yoga pants and be happy with it. Bask in the comfiness. <wink wink>
  • I surround myself with awesome, non-judgmental people.


yesWhambamthankyouma’am! yes

I’ve said my peace.

kissNamaste, Loverskiss


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