I Will Never Stop Wearing Leggings

January 27, 2015

‘Sup Hoes?

As suspected, Juno delivered about 4 total snowflakes in all of New York City.


Stupid, broke-ass storm. LAME!

…Anyway, fabulous things did come of it. Fabulous things like: sleeping-in until 9:30, doing hot yoga in the middle of the day, and most importantly, catching up on neglected Bachelor episodes.

I’m “watching” while I blog, because I absolutely CANNOT give it my undivided attention. So far, I’ve witnessed the following:

Jillian’s bikini bottoms were too slutty for ABC. So slutty, they censored her ass and vag. This is, by far, my favorite part of the episode. I only wish I could have seen it in full effect – her body’s bangin’.

Everyone hates Kimberly. She wasn’t given a rose. Why the fuck should she be there? …I’ll tell you why…Kimberly’s got some balls, and asked farmer bachelor Chris to give her another shot, so he did. Haters gon’ hate.

Mackenzie scored the first date. Her son’s name is Kale, she likes big noses and believes in aliens.

I’ll stop there. If I go any further you might want to stab yourself.


I came across this anti-legging blog post that I cannot let go. It’s too good. Read it HERE.

If you don’t have to time to read it, the gist of it is that because leggings are tight and form-fitting, we’re promoting men to think lustful thoughts about us, which is bad, because sex is bad. We as women shouldn’t make it “easy” for other men to fantasize about us. Naturally, my reaction to this was, Awwwww, hell no!!!

Veronica’s entitled to her opinion, and I am entitled to mine.

Okay fine, Veronica. Never wear leggings again, but guess what? There are some FACTS here, you can’t deny.

1). You’re hot as fuck. If you’re wearing a Hawaiin print mumu, guys will fantasize about doing you. It’s inevitable and you can’t control it.

2). Why? Because they’re humans. Humans are sexual. And, it’s not just men doing the looking…chicks do too. I totally check out guys and girls. It’s pleasant to look at attractive people. It just is. My husband? He definitely eyeballs hot girls…and he recognizes handsome dudes, too. So what. Doesn’t change our relationship.

So you see, you’re missing the point here. You are trying to control something that is just not in your control and never will be. Sexy leggings aren’t the problem. Testosterone is. Human nature is. You can’t change that. Sorry sister.

Moreover, the whole “I don’t want other men to fantasize about me” thing, yeah, good luck with that. The best part about this is that YOU WILL NEVER KNOW, so what’s it to you, anyway? Fantasizing hurts NO ONE.

So, if you’re going to banish leggings from your wardrobe, you should also consider deleting EVERY other article of clothing, because somewhere, someone will find it hot.


I’ve said my peace. What do YOU think? Will you abandon leggings so no one lusts after your fabulous ass? I want to know…Holler.




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