I’m Going, Going…Back Back to Cali Cali!

February 17, 2012

What is UUUUUUUPPPPPPPP My Brothas & Sistas?!?!?!

F R I D A Y ‘ S in tha HOUSE!

…And yours truly is getting her buns on an aeroplane (airplane) and heading BACK to the golden state to see her fam! Thus, I’m up and at ’em, ready to get my Namaste on bright & early!

BUT, before I go ahead and do that, I thought I’d get my VLOG UP for all the world to see!

HIT your eyeballs with THIS baby, and learn how “Mrs. Professional Traveler” (Moi!) ensures herself a smooth sailing trip!

*Note: I think it’s one of my MOST entertaining videos of all! I’m learning how to “come into my own,” if you will…Eat it up, Buttercupswink

See y’all on the WEST COAST!!!!!!


heartPeace kiss Love heart & Besos kiss

heartMrs. L-to-the- D-C! xoxo heart

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