Key Lime Pie + Summer Teaching Schedule

June 6, 2016

Beautiful People of My Life. Good Morning. What’s good?

So it’s been a week since arriving back home from our Japanese whirlwind. It is in my anti-social nature to avoid superfluous conversation, and kick it at home as much as possible, to restore my circadian rhythm and get back on track…and I did manage that to the best of my ability…however, it still managed to involve a plane and a wedding – a move I would only make for the most special of friends (yay Rosebuds!).

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Oy vey cafe.


Now, or at least for the next three weeks, I will be a stranger to airports.

HALLE-fuckin’-LUJAH times infinity, is how I feel about that.

I have two things to address today:

1). Key Lime Pie

2). New Summer Schedule

We’ll start with pie, because it’s delicious.


You know how after you go on vacation and eat shit you don’t usually because “it’s vacation,” and then by the last day you’re left feeling like a giant swollen sausage stuffed in your clothes? …And then when you’re on your way back home, you dream of green juice and steamed vegetables, instead of wine and cheese?

Well, for real, this is how I feel when my vacation ends – I do actually look forward to filling my body up with health, instead of fun, and this time, I couldn’t help but be influenced by Giselle. Being that her and Tom (we’re on a first name basis) have a $2 million cookbook about to hit the shelves, they’ve been popping up in my Well&Good feed an awful lot, so much that it was impossible to not sorta want to know how they stay so beautiful. While I have zero intentions of following their strict vegan ways, I became obsessed with this (yes, vegan) Key Lime pie her personal chef makes for her on the rare occasion she wants a dessert.

I, however, always want dessert, so I thought I would be super healthy and give this vegan shit a go.


You guys. It was LEGIT. HB was all over it. I actually do recommend it.


Moving on to Pilates talk…My teaching schedule has changed for the Summer.


My Scoop & Squat mat class has evolved into a Tower class, with squats –> The focus is on mobilizing the hips, knees and ankles, and of course strengthening the muscles around those joints. You might hate squats because they’re hard, and your body is all fucked up and tight, but that is the very reason you should DO them. They are one of the single most effective and efficient functional movements we can do, because your entire body is working, and you’re facilitation mobility that will help you better function in your day-to-day activities. I do squats with EVERY population – young, old, pregnant – doesn’t matter – across the board, squats are THE JAM…and a wonderful side effect is a delicious, toned ass. How can you say no? P.S.: Thongs are IN, people! 


I teach this class Tuesdays @ 1pm and Thursdays @ 3pm at Core Pilates NYC. Sign up here.


I added a 20/20/20 class to my schedule (mat/tower/chair). Awesome fast-paced class using the mat, tower and chair. It’s meant to flow and intended for intermediate clients who are familiar with the apparatuses and with classical Pilates.

I teach this class Tuesdays @2pm at Core Pilates NYC. Sign up here.

and finally I have another Semi Private on the grid. This is meant for strong intermediate-advanced clients, apprentices, and teachers.


I teach this class Thursdays @4pm at Core Pilates NYC. Sign up here.

For more on my schedule / all things Pilates related, check out my other website,

I Sweat Hard For Pilates

It’s the shizz-nit.


And now, some :::inspiration station:::






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