March 6, 2017

LORD HAVE MERCY my friends…

Pregnant Dubie (28 weeks + 1 day to be exact) just flew from Maui to –> San Francisco to –> NYC. All it took was two planes and 16 hours.

WOOF. Like WOOF times 10.

Naturally, anybody would be exhausted from such a long trip, but being 7 months pregnant adds a whole other dimension of discomfort (and a zero tolerance for traveling idiots-I am a professional traveler, so we’re clear).

That wraps up my travels until Baby Boy Constantiner decides to enter the world. THANK. GOD. The thought of getting on another airplane makes me want to cry. From here on out, I will be in full-blown NESTING MODE. Also, don’t be offended if I decline an invitation to go out and be social.

I need quiet, rest and chill vibes up in here. PRIORITIES, friends. PRIORITIES.


A lot has happened over past few weeks I was away. Some great stuff…and some not so great stuff.

I’ll start with the great:

My Mama and Sister threw me a beautiful baby shower in California!

Among many things, the decor was beautiful and sentimental,  the cake was everything I’ve ever wanted in life, the company was even better, and my youngest niece (see last selfie below) gave me several “makeovers” throughout the day. It was such a special day!


We had planned on spending the entire next week relaxing, and preparing to go to Hawaii for a Baby moon getaway with my parents.

Long story short, my 65-year-old, fit and spry Dad went to the doctor because he had been traveling and picked up a bad cough. He wanted to be better in time for our trip, so he thought he’d get some medicine, rest and be done with it. We were all shocked to find out that his heart was not functioning the way it should have been, and five days later…he was in open-heart surgery getting a quadruple bypass.

That was the sunset going down in Newport Beach the day of his surgery.

Needless to say, it was quite an emotional week. Two weeks later, he is recovering like a champ, and getting stronger by the day. Angels are watching over him, and I am beyond grateful!

Get ready for Bob 2.0, WORLD!


Although Bob and Joan weren’t able to go to Hawaii, HB and I did an abbreviated version of the trip, since my Dad was doing so well in recovery, and it would be our last chance to go away before the baby…again, some great and not so great moments…

This time I’ll start with the not-so-great…

When we arrived in Maui, there was a torrential down-pour. Okay, fine, no big deal, we were tired from traveling, so we grabbed some lunch at the hotel, then checked into our room to unpack. After unpacking and showering, THIS ONE HERE (points to myself) got sick. Yes. I barfed up my lunch. We ended up sleeping for 13 hours…and then it got good. 🙂

We woke up to this:

The next few days were spent in the sunshine, walking the beach, paddle boarding, and eating legit fish!

…and then HB insisted we do the drive to Hana for a little adventure. <insert fake smile>. Don’t get me wrong. It was beautiful…but driving those narrow, winding roads were not ideal for a pregnant lady.

Here is some of what we saw…

Black sand beach!

View from Mama’s Fish House!


Doesn’t get much better than that. I think I’ll end here for today. 🙂

I’ll be back soon with a pregnancy-heavy post. GET READY BOYS!



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