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March 9, 2015

Hi Homies.

Photo on 3-9-15 at 10.12 AM

From the dark circles under my eyeballs looks of this selfie, it will come as no surprise when I tell that you I may have slept a total of 3 hours last night. AND I popped a melatonin. WTF, man?

There’s nothing like a shitty night’s sleep to get your week started on the right foot…Psyche.

I blame it on the singular (as in ONE) tequila cocktail I had last night with dinner.

For the record my body haTes alcohol right now. I know. Sadness. The world might be coming to an end…

For real, though, it’s rejecting event the smallest amount. Even a singular beverage seems to be throwing me off so hard. I’m over it. Delete! … At least for now…


I’m also over…


Photo on 3-9-15 at 10.12 AM #3

THIS happened Saturday, and chippage is already in full-swing -even though I used my new $15 bottle of gel effect, guaranteed-to-not-chip polish. I’m just over polish in general. I think I need to reset and go naked for a few weeks.

and my…


Already, I want it long(er). Never have I ever wanted a high pony so bad.


K. Now get your mind right with this bomb…


On fleek, baby.


That’s all I have in me today, but there’s more fun to come later this week. Keep the eyeballs braced with your legs, gluts, and abs.


I’m out.



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