Monday Gainzzz

February 2, 2015

‘Sup Babies?

Photo on 2-2-15 at 10.42 AM

The weather is winning in NYC today. We have ourselves a load of freezing rain. I would take a blizzard over this ANY fucking day. :::SIGH:::

I documented for you on my way to the gym this morning…

This hardened, Slurpee-like layer of ice is what one encounters 1 out of every 2 blocks. There are also miniature, calf-deep puddles that you have to consider on every corner. Your boots better be legit-waterproof, or you’re fucked solid. You must also throw-on a good extra 10-15 minutes of walking travel time, and add another 20 for your delayed subway ride. Oh, and tread care-fucking-fully, or risk eating shit, and getting hurt. BAD….Oy vey…WINS. So many wins here.

IMG_8641…But other than that, things are really kewl over here.

I just had a breakfast of gainzzz (3 z’s), that involved toasted banana bread with butter, berries, and sausiiiiige. Yum. Baller. Did I mention the part where it was not 1, not 2, but 3 z’s? Oh good. Just wanted to make sure you caught on to the ferocity and seriousness of my weight lifting training. Excellent. Woot.


Today’s GOOD QUOTE (repost from @banksy) was posted on the DD FB page yesterday, but only, like, 7 of you actually saw it, so I am repeating, because it’s really gangster. Let your mind be blown…



************************************************************** ’nuff said.

I’ll wrap us up today with some FUN FACTS you should know about me:

1). My rising horoscope sign is Gemini.  I have to say it’s pretty accurate. Here are some highlights:

*They are restless, and often appear impatient. Their cleverness can intimidate some people, especially if they are sensitive. ACCURATE.

*They will analyze everything and try to make sense of what is happening around them. YES. CONSTANTLY.

*They make excellent teachers, writers, researchers and anyone else who utilizes information. WOOT. HOLLA.

*Gemini Rising does not like schedules, and they can seem to thrive in chaos. FALSE. SO FALSE.

*They do not allow too many people to get truly close to them because it is uncomfortable to let people into their inner circle. VERY ACCURATE.

*They may be good at crafts, especially those that also stimulate their mental capacities. FALSE. SO FALSE. (I hate crafts)

*Gemini Ascendants like their space and freedom. YES.

2). I can (almost) say the entire alphabet in sign language. I can’t remember f, g, p, q, or x, but by the time you finish reading this sentence I’ll have learned them. Google! BOOM! Osssssssss.

3).  Get out of here with your selfie stick.


That’s all I got. Keep the eyeballs glued to the interweb this week. I have some dank ganj en route…

In the meantime, I love you. You should too. Peace.

peace-hands XOXO,



P.S.: Listen to this jammy-jam. It will make you happy.

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