My 3 golden Rules To Feeling Great During & After Vacation

July 10, 2012

Good BEAUTIFUL Morning Lover Muffins!

How are y’all feeling today?!? …I’m feeling mighty fine! Much less fuzzy, and a lot closer to Mother Earth – thanks to hitting the hay stacks at the ripe young hour of 10:30 in the p.m. wink

<Sigh> …

So here we are! But, before I share some of my stay-healthy-while-on-vacay tips with y’all, let’s welcome Tuesday properly and…

Get those hands up in the ay-er, get those hands UP in the ay-er!

(Like My Honey Buns and I did at the after-party in Lake Como)

Hit it, Brit!


That’s more like it! …We’ve got to ring in the *new day* with bells and whistles, people!

..Okay, now that we’re all jazzed up inside, let’s talk about

How you can maintain your energy (and your weight) while on vacation…WITHOUT DEPRIVING! 

Recently, (as you are all very well aware) I spent four nights in Italy and six in Paris – where food is the heart of the culture. It’s one of the many draws for visitors – to enjoy some of the most incredible cuisines on planet earth! …And enjoy it I did! But over-do it I didn’t (although some things proved difficult to abstain seconds or, dare I say thirds!)

I’m going to share some tips on how you can feel great during & after vacation, not just beforehand!

Here are

3 Golden Stay-Healthy Rules While Vacationing

1). Immerse yourself into the culture! Don’t try to pack your own food for a week!-(snacks are okay). Vacation is your moment to “vacate” from your everyday routine! Taste new foods! Be adventurous! Most places around the world (unlike the United States) use only fresh, local food, so the quality of your meal is top notch and filled with flavor! You may also discover that your new eating habits make you feel a whole lot better than when you’re back at home. Trying new things is your opportunity to pick up on new habits that make you feel great!

2). Load up on Fresh Fruits & Veggies! This is a no-brainer, but produce just tastes different in other countries. From my experience, it’s especially delicious! While in Paris, I made it my business to order greens with EVERY MEAL (except breakfast). Veggies are also a nice offset to a rich, heavy dish and they’ll fill you up and help keep you regular. Load up, Buttercups!

3). Stay physically active! I did not “workout” once while away, but I did walk my pants off! Luckily Paris lends itself to as much walking as your heart desires, so we took full advantage! Walking is also something you can do ANYWHERE you go, so there are no excuses not to get that body movin’ y’all – it also kills two birds with one stone – exercise + sight-seeing = Bam! Staying physically active helps regulate your digestion, avoid weight-gain and will just make you feel great, which is of utmost importance!

That’s all I’ve got for ya today, Lovies!

Wishing you all beautiful days filed with heartLove & Hugsheart



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