One Scary Thing I Did This Week Was…

June 6, 2013

What’s up Party People?


Friday is almost in tha building. Get excited. Get, get excited! BUT, with an emphasis on the “but,” you know just as well as I that shit needs to happen before we can give our pal Friday a warm welcome…Shit liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiike…




about the one scary thing I did this week…

And, Y’all…I have to be honest…I was racking my brain to come up with something BIG and JUICY to gab about, but that just wasn’t in the cards this week, and I’m not one to fib – it is what it is – however, I do have something smaller and less scary to chat about, so


I have two words (that’s really one word) for you:


As in…PILATES springboard…as in NEW CLASS and NEW CHOREOGRAPHY that I have to learn and teach!

Exciting? YES! Kinda Scary? Totally.


Because it kinda threw a wrench in my classical Pilates repertoire – which is still new and fresh to me, might I add! And now, NOW I have learn this Springboard business. And by business, I mean this…

What the f*ck, right?!?
It might be that really “awesome” middle eastern music they’re exercising to, or the high knee jumping that looks a lot like Prancercise, I’m not sure, but if you have any Pilates knowledge whatsoever, you would immediately recognize that the pace is much faster and the choreography more challenging. Springboard classes add an aerobic/cardio component to Pilates, which makes them massive bun-burners = code for = you’ll burn serious calories = code for = you’ll get your ass whooped!
So, as much as it is initially scary and uncomfortable to familiarize myself with this new apparatus and learn how to teach class like a boss, I know that change is good. The first few classes might be rough around the edges, but I have to start somewhere, right?!? Annnnnnd…the awesome thing about learning something totally fresh and new, is that I can implement some new variations of classical Pilates exercises to keep things fresh for myself and the client. It’s win win.
If you live in the NYC area, come try a class starting NEXT WEEK at Core Pilates NYC! All Springboard classes take place in their gorgeous new space on the 2nd floor of 99 University!
Sign up HERE!
P.S.: I’m not teaching the regular class yet, but I will be teaching Pre-natal Springboard in July, so come if you have a bun in the oven, or know someone else who does!
That’s a wrap, Homies! I’m off to hot yoga! (obsessed!)


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