Pregnant Laura Update: 34 Weeks + 2 Days

April 18, 2017

Buenos Dias Familia de Daily Dubie! 

I’m bringing the Spanish back strong…because you know as well as I do that Baby C will be bilingual. He’s so advanced…

Here’s the latest as far as Pregnant Laura is concerned: I’m 34 weeks + 2 days. I’ve stopped weighing myself, but I can tell you that my bump is 40″ in circumference. Seemingly small tasks are exhausting, I drink no fewer than two La Croix’s daily (I prefer Pamplemousse + Lemon), and I surprisingly (and ironically) sleep like a baby, with the exception of waking up to pee, at minimum, twice nightly. Not bad, from what I’ve read. I’ll take it.

We took a childbirth class all day Saturday (10am-5pm). Of everything we learned, HB cannot wait to give me multiple massages during the 1st stage labor (there are 3 stages, for those who don’t know).

For the record, my sweet husband is not the best at giving massages (more so because he loses interest in about 30 seconds). Lol. I bought him this to help…

The highlight of my day was when HB learned how to do “the hip squeeze” and “sacrum press” on me. It felt wonderful, and has now been something “I need” daily since Saturday. <insert evil grin>. This obviously helps relieve the unfathomable pain and pressure  I am about to be feel in those areas…although in a weird way, I’m not phased by it at all. I’m not afraid of pain. (I say this now, but we’ll see how things progress once I’m actually in labor)…I’ll be live streaming it…Yeah fucking right.


As promised, here is the latest on Baby C’s room. It’s coming along…Not finished yet, but I’ve given you a tour. HOLLA!


That’s all for today…




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