Preview of the Week: Holiday Special!

October 19, 2012

Good Early Evening, My Delicious Love Buttons! 

Get Your Hands Up, it’s the Holiday! Get Your Hands Up, It’s the Holiday! Get Your Hands Up, it’s the Holiday! 

A….WOoooOOOoOOoooOOoo HooOOOooOOooOOo!

Now THAT is what I’m talking about, Willis!

We’ve got a few days off and some quality time spent with fam, friends, food & booze to look forward to this week! Sounds pretty dang saaa-weet to me! yes 

Oh! And to add to the gangster level of fun in store these next few days, the Daily D-u-b-i-e will be comin at ya LIVE all FIVE days of the week! Puhleeease! There ain’t no side steppin’ here!

With that said…let us waste no time and dive straight into the Gravy Sauce!

I am proud to present, your much anticipated, never duplicated:

*Preview of the Week, HOLIDAY SPECIAL*

Monday: I talk what you can expect to see on the Daily D this week, PLUS I give you a super simple *Bonus Brussels Sprouts* recipe! (see below).

Tuesday: 5 Delicious Anti-Inflammatory Foods, Take 2! I talk the importance of eating these foods, especially now (hello flu season!), and I’ll also share one of my latest and greatest smoothie concoctions! 

Wednesday: “How to Survive and Stay Healthy and Happy During the Holiday Season,” Take 1! I reveal my Top 10 Tips to a Bloat-less, Guilt-less Turkey Day! And guess what? You get to have your pie and eat it too!

Thursday: Happy Thanksgiving, Pumpkins! I talk what I’m most thankful for AND share my 5 Favorite Foods to Fill Up On Before You Fill Up today!

Friday: …You didn’t think Cookie Time was going by the wayside this week, did you?!? HECK-to-tha-NO! As always, I give you good cookie! Tune in Friday to check out the freshest flava-flave to come out the Daily Dubie oven!


…That’s a W-to-the-R-A-P, Suckas!

heartWishing you warm + happy + healthy + Namaste-filled eves! heart

kissMuah! Muchos Besos Grandes para Todo!kiss


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Roasted Brussels Sprouts + Julienne Apple Salad

Serves 1

6-8 oz. Brussels Sprouts, outer leaves peeled & sliced in half

1/4 Large Apple, julienne

1 T Olive Oil

Salt & Pepper to taste

DIRECTIONS: Preheat oven to 375. Put brussels sprouts into mixing bowl and coat with olive oil, salt and pepper, then toss. Pour sprouts onto foil-line jelly roll pan (no clean up!), then roast in oven for 30 minutes, or until outer layers are crisp and brown (if sprouts are larger, will take longer to cook). Next, julienne apple and prepare dressing. When sprouts are ready, pour them back into mixing bowl. Add apples and dressing…and voíla! Lunch, dinner (or breakfast!) is served!


1 T fresh Lemon Juice

1 T Spicy Whole Grain Mustard

1 tsp Olive Oil

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