Puffy 2.0

December 5, 2017


Remember me? Yeah, yeah…I know…it’s been an eternity since I last posted, but this Mom shit is FOR REAL.

Okay, that’s slightly an excuse, but I just need to make it more routine to update now that things are running smoothly and Mommy and Daddy are sleeping again! (thank fucking god). The days of night feedings are long behind us.

So Puff (aka: Mikey) is now 6.5 months. My obsession for every square inch of him runs too deep to describe. I eat him alive at all times.


So this little Puff Pocket had to endure a surgery yesterday to correct hydronephrosis he had in his right kidney. The short of this is that there was an obstruction – and in his case two very large obstructions – that had to be removed so that his urine could flow out of the kidney, through his new ureter, and into the bladder. If this goes untreated it could lead to kidney failure. We would never know there was anything wrong with him if we didn’t get ultrasounds during my pregnancy – we’ve actually known he’s had this since I was 21 weeks pregnant. Many times it corrects itself as the baby grows, but Puff’s didn’t (I think because the universe knew he was a SUPER STRONG baby that could withstand the surgery).

I debated sharing this on social media, because there’s nothing more horrible than people sharing bad shit about their child, but this has a happy ending, and if anyone else is pregnant and they find out their babe has this, they can rest knowing it’s very common, and the procedure to correct it is very straight forward. It also helped that we worked with one of the best Pediatric Urologists in the country (Dr. Poppas).

He had the operation yesterday morning. While it was the longest 24 hours of our lives, the surgery went great, and he was such a trooper. (def. not a pussy). We got home this morning, and now look forward to SLEEPING, SLEEPING, and some more SLEEPING.

…in the meantime, check out this little tushy monster in his “tired little tiger” hospital gown. I saved it. Duh.


Here he was pre-op. V. popular with the ladies. He played the field while he was there. Got a couple numbers. Prob won’t call anyone back.

This was leaving the hospital this morning. The look of EXHAUSTION times 10!!! He got home and took two, two hour naps. 

Doing some playing post-op…and me playing with my new iphone X, son! Portrait mode is a GAME-CHANGER.

That’s all for today folks.

I am grateful for modern medical technology…and for all of you.



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  • Reply Michelle December 6, 2017 at 11:40 pm

    Nice work, mom. You know you have the toughest job of all, handled impeccably, daily dubie style leading the way for puffy.

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