Quality Over Calories

September 13, 2012

Good Morning! Good Morning My Precious Pumpkins!

How are y’all feeling today?!? It’s another GORGE day here in NYC (although it could be a wee bit cooler). I’m going to take advantage, get a whopping dose of Vitamin D-sauce and burn this booty on a nice, long walk OUTSIDE in Central Park. <Sigh>….That will be my “workout” today, a nice long walk outside. Sounds pretty awesome, huh? …It also might sound a little on the lazy side, BUT for me it’s all about maintaining a balance.

Here’s the dealio…I’m not going to skirt around the fact that I am total Type A. I love nothing more than the feeling of being productive and accomplishing a lot in my day. Moreover, because my health is a top priority, consistently staying active is a must, and is something I always make time for each and every day.

BUT, hear me out…

Because I’m, for lack of a better phrase, already so “wound up,” I have learned it’s imperative for me to incorporate slower-paced, more subdued forms of exercise to compliment my already super active lifestyle.

Ya feel me? 

Don’t get me wrong, I used to believe that the ONLY effective way to exercise was to go balls to the wall, and engage in extremely intense cardio routines or boot camp-style workouts that left me dripping wet and waddling for days (so sore I could barely walk). I pooh-poohed the notion of taking yoga or Pilates and “walking” as exercise sounded like a rubbish oxymoron to me. Why? Because I didn’t believe that those types of activities would keep me fit…in other words, I was afraid to slow it down, because I feared I would gain weight as a result.

Can You Relate?

Of course now, my exercise regimen consists almost entirely of Pilates, yoga and walking! – The three very things I dismissed because I was so fixated on what “burned the most calories.” And guess what else…

I’ve never felt more AWESOME!

Slowing things down is SO necessary to achieving and maintaining your health goals, because it’s in these moments that we can really connect with how our bodies really feel. I don’t know about you, but when I’m in the midst of doing a dizzying amount of sprinting, squatting and burpees, the only thing I can think of is ‘when will this bloody end, I hate life right now!’ Needless to say, the very last thing I’m in tune with is my body’s cues…and you can forget proper technique – that’s thrown so far out the window for me when I subject myself to these crazy workouts. Don’t get me wrong, these can be very effective for some people, as every person is different, and to each his own, but even so, I don’t believe anybody needs to engage in super intense activities everyday.

There HAS to be  a BALANCE…heck, even football players take ballet, people!

So, after I started listening to my body (instead of obsessing over burning loads of calories) that’s when everything fell into place. Now, I don’t get burnt-out, I have more energy, I actually look forward to my workouts and, more importantly, I FEEL THE BEST I’VE EVER FELT!

So you see, even though running on the treadmill for an hour will burn twice the number of calories than an hour-long Pilates class, it does not necessarily mean it’s going to be more effective. If you’re engaging in an activity you hate doing, there is a chemical reaction in your body that inhibits you from reaping the full benefits of the exercise (cortisol can also be released, which can slow your metabolism). Moreover, if it’s not what your body really craves and needs, you may as well be laying on the beach with a margarita in hand, because it’s not going to be effective!

You’re body is smarter than you!

So listen to it for goodness sakes! Start incoporating all different types of quality exercises you know will be great for your body (and mind!) – high intensity, low intensity, stretching, strength training – Hit it all! The wider the variety, the more effective and beneficial it will be for your body. When we continue to do the same song and dance (as intense as it is) nothing will change, because we’ve already developed muscle memory for that workout. We need to confuse, surprise and be good to our bodies. So remember…it’s ALWAYS going to be:

Quality Over Calories!

There. I said my peace!

Now YOU tell me! Are you afraid to slow down out of fear that your body will change or you’ll gain weight?


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