Redefining The “F” Word (No, not that one)

July 21, 2015

Party People of My Life.



This is how I do 7:30 a.m: On the roof. In my cute bikini. Basking in the sun.

…Okay, this was really from Sunday afternoon. I just didn’t want to rob your eyeballs of a selfie that showed off my cute bikini, without being too slutty. (Although you know I like the slut in moderation). 

I have, like, 47 selfies for you today. Brace yourself with your abs. Unleash that inner-weight lifting belt inside of you (And if you can’t find it, you need to do Pilates).

….Oh, and it’s actually five selfies, but you know I’m all about the *exaggeration station.* 

K. Look.


This was from yesterday. It was Monday’s theme.

DON’T QUIT!!!!!!!!!! Brilliant, right?!

It acquired 26 likes, which is total horse shit. It deserved triple digits. Stop being a hater. It’s a good thing I am a forgiving woman. Click here to redeem yourself.

IMG_0454Now…moving on to the present moment:

This was my photo shoot for you today.


Photo on 7-21-15 at 7.45 AM #2

I’m drinking coffee. French press. With almond milk.

Photo on 7-21-15 at 7.45 AM

Now I’m ready to bring the blog to you real good. Pink headphones are a necessity.


…That’s enough of that. Ugh. I am so annoying. <evil grin>.


Before I get into the thick of this post, I want to let you know that for those you who emailed me interested in my Rooftop Pilates class, the invite is delayed because the date got pushed back. (You can’t send that shit too soon). But, tentatively, save the date for Monday, August 10th, 7:30p.m.




We need to talk about the F word. No, not fuck.

FEAR.FEAR1For most of us, we have a visceral reaction to fear, and it usually involves us running away. Naturally, we want to protect our ego and our bodies from harm.

This only serves us in the event that we’re being chased by a serial killer with a sharpened chef’s knife….or a possibly a lion, tiger, or bear foaming at the mouth, ready to rip our head off. You better fuckin’ run when you know you have no chance of surviving. 

But, for everything else. This is bad. This is VERY VERY bad. 

ESPECIALLY when it comes to failing. We’d rather stay inside our safe, little box of comfort, than go up against something that might result in us failing. We liken failure to LOSER, which is so wrong.

Let’s redefine our fear of failure.

1). Failure = Winner. That’s right. When we fail, we win, because when we fail, we learn.

2). Ask yourself, what’s the worst that can happen? You don’t get the job, you look/sound stupid, you lose, people don’t like you, etc. What we’re really looking at here is an issue of not wanting to bruise your ego. GET OVER IT, people. That ego has to get kicked around from time-to-time. That’s how we develop character.

3). Go into your day hoping to fail. Seriously. This is how you take control of the fear of failure that roils inside you. Be like “oh hey fear, fuck you, I hope I fail today.”  If you don’t fail, you don’t grow. If you don’t grow, then you stay the same. If you stay the same, you will be a loser. Staying the same is the kiss of death. Avoiding chances of failure is your one-way ticket to Loserville, and it’s a total pussy move…and you know how I feel about that:



I’ve said my peace. I love you. Go fail at something today.







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