Sneak Peek of the Week: April 8th, Yo!

March 8, 2013

What the front door is up, BEAUTIFULS?!?

The clouds have parted and the gods have spoken…

…Finally, after what feels like an eternity, we have ourselves some warm-as-balls weather! Hallelujah! 

Today we’re going to hit the 70 mark, and tomorrow it will climb up to 79 degrees if all goes according to plan! That’s bikini weather, Y’all!

And don’t we all look just like Alessandra Ambrosio in our bikinis?!?!! …All I have to say is hell-to-the-YES! and…


I’ve never looked so much forward to sweating my buns off. I’m serious. I want to roast. I want a massive dose of Vitamin D. I want sun-kissed skin. I want all of the perks that come with sunshine.

Mmm kay…I’m going to strike while the topic of discussion is still hot and give y’all your Daily Dubie Dose of the Week!

Here is what you can expect! …

Monday: Weather talk and (duh!) your much anticipated, but never duplicated preview of what’s coming up this week on the Daily Dubes! Plus your “Quote of the Day.” This is a new addition to Monday posts. Very kewl.

Tuesday: Green of the week! This is the last month I’ll be delivering greens of the week for a while, so pay extra close attention! For the Summer months (May-August) I have a new feature topic!  But for now and for tomorrow, get ready to take a bite out of some Broccoli. I’ll talk why it’s the jam, why you should eat it regularly and I’ll also include one of the simplest, most delicious ways to prepare the stuff.

Wednesday: What’s in My Kitchen, Part II: Cookbook Edition! My love for cookbooks goes beyond my love for food! I also happen to think they’re beautiful and anesthetically pleasing to the eyeballs, which is why I display all of my cookbooks loud and proud in my kitchen…and in other parts of our apartment! I’ll share my collection and mention some of my must-haves! I’ll also throw in a *bonus* recipe from one of them.

Thursday: Why and How EVERYONE – women and men, teens, elderly, injured, athletes, etc. – can benefit from Pilates! There are so many misconceptions about Pilates that I feel obligated (as a teacher) to clear up! Tune in Thursday to get a better understand for just what Pilates is and why we should all do it! Woop!

Friday: You’re in for a surprise today! I’m putting #CookieTime on the back burner for the week and, instead, providing you with a SUPER SIMPLE, SUPER HEALTHY and quick way to make your own chocolate It might sound intimidating, but Y’all…it’s a piece of cake and – holy cow – it tastes amazing. Tune in Friday to find out just what kind of chocolate will come out the Daily Dubie test-kitchen first!


It’s a wrap, Buttons!

heartWishing you all warm + sunny + Daily Dubie-filled weeks!heart




“Don’t Take Anything Personally. Nothing others do is because of you. What others say and do is a projection of their own reality, their own dream. When you are immune to the opinions of others, you won’t be the victim of needless suffering.” – Don Miguel Ruiz

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