Sneaky Peek of the Week! Once de Marzo (3.11.13)

March 11, 2013


What’s up Lover Dovers?!?

Holy cow my thighs feel like stuffed sausages (is that redundant, bytheway?)…I don’t know how – shoot, yes I do know how – my thighs are BEYOND sore from doing…duh Pilates! But not Pilates for kids…advanced, batshit crazy Pilates that has me going every which way and the other. It’s pretty dang awesome, but Mamamia! I need to live on the foam roller for the rest of the day, but I’m not going to – Instead, I’m going to <gasp!> ….take a Pilates class! 

Dun dun duuuuuuuun!

<Cue foreshadowing music>

You might be thinking “girlfriend is crazy!” but hear ye, hear ye…

When your muscles are sore, it’s MOST IMPORTANT to keep them active/moving! So exercise actually helps alleviate muscle soreness!

Being sedentary is the worst thing you can do. But don’t try to do anything too crazy…take it down a notch, but still move! yes

Okie Doke…Who’s ready for the much anticipated, NEVA EVA EVA duplicated

Sneak Peek of the Week!

Let’s do this…

Monday: You get a taste of what’s on the menu this week in DailyDubieLand! Exciting stuff, yes? It’s also the week before I break out of my twenties and into my thirties! Woop! A lot of changes are happening this week…One of them pertaining to a fresh new look. Not only do I have a new decade to kick off, I’m also starting a new (Pilates) career and welcoming in the warmer Spring/Summer months. But the million dollar question remains…just what am I doing? You’ll have to tune in this week to find out!

Tuesday: Get your Green of the Week! This week I introduce you to Arugula. I’m sure y’all have met, but it is one of my absolute favorite greens, and it’s got nourishment up the wazoo! I’ll talk why you need this green in your life and in your body. I’ll also share my favorite ways to enjoy the sucker…Think: Simple.

Wednesday: WHAT’S IN MY…KITCHEN DRAWERS, Part I! Come check out what I keep in my kitchen drawers. I’ll also share my most-used kitchen utensils, and explain why. Links on where to buy will be included!

Thursday: Top 20 Things I Love This Month! I’ll share everything I love from food, to beauty products, to colors, to flowers, to scents this month! It’s going to get juicy, Lovers! You won’t want to miss it!

Friday: It’s Muffin Time! As per usual, you won’t find out the flavor until you tune in Friday! I’m keeping you in suspense…just don’t lose any sleep over this. <wink wink> I have a major idea, but the first go with it was an epic fail, so cross your fingers that the second time around is a charm.

That’s the whole scoop for today!

I’m calling a W-to-the-R-A-P, Wrap!

heartWishing you all A-for Awesome weeks! Have fun! Laugh! Be Happy! Be Healthy!heart



enlightenedP.S.: Check out my guest blog post on being “scared shitless” as a Pilates apprentice, and how I overcame my fears.

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