Some Dank Kush

January 13, 2015

‘Sup Playas?

…Should we get the selfies out of the way?

Yes. Just yes.



Photo on 1-13-15 at 12.02 PM

…For the record, I’ve got hair appointments lined up for next week. This business is getting CHOPPED. THE FUCK. OFF, Baes.


I cannot wait. I love myself a messy bob, because I do not have to do jack shit for it to look fabulous. It’s a 3-step process.

1). I wash

2). Put a little Moroccan oil on the ends

3). Then air dry and boom! = MONEY TIME $$$

Photo on 1-13-15 at 12.02 PM #2Now check out my sick pants. They have constellations on them. They are mad gangsta. Yes, that was worth bolding.

…Okay last selfie. Ready?

Photo on 1-13-15 at 12.03 PMNails!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They look really good, I swear. This photo doesn’t do them justice, but I look decent, so obviously I posted it.

K. We’re done with this.

…Moving right along…

Yesterday’s post was nonexistent because my day started at 8am, and ended at 8pm. I had no time for you fuckers. For this very reason, I have a healthy variety of nuggets to share. Indulge yourself…

Numero Uno (that’s one in Spanish)

Get your mind right with this good quote


To me, this resonated, because it is SO. FUCKING. TRUE. FUCK FUCK FUCK YES!!!!!!! For me at least. Should I say fuck again?

Here’s a nugget of truth: As I get older and wiser, I am becoming more comfortable with being selective as fuck in who I choose to invest and spend my time with (it’s a short list). I surround myself with people who continue to challenge, educate, inspire and make me a better human, and you should too. Unapologetically delete everyone else. You will be bigger, badder and happier. Don’t be scerrrrrrd. Be a gangsta.

Numero Dos (that’s two in Spanish)

We have a schedule this week!!! Prepare your eyeballs for some mind-blowing emo shit!

Wednesday: I’m deleting you because I have another balls-to-the-wall busy day. Won’t have sufficient amount of time to deliver like a baller.

Thursday: I discuss the truth about worry  – why it’s an unproductive, never-ending cycle of self-torture that will get you NOWHERE.

Friday: I’m out. Smoke a fat blunt for me.

Numero Tres (that’s three in Spanish)

My Breakfast! …It might look like green vomit, but, trust, Baes. This is some delicious shit.




1.5 Frozen Bananas

2 heaping Tablespoons of Peanut Butter

1 T Raw Cacao Powder

1 T Maca Powder

1 Cup Coffee Almond Milk

1 T Hemp Seeds + 1 T Cacao Nibs



K…now, get TURNT UP with this BOSS JAM.


That’s all I got. I love you. You should love you, too. (that was gay. but TRUE! #recognize)





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