The Value of Valuing Yourself & Your Health

August 30, 2011

Good (Almost) Evening Pumpkin Pies (<–’tis the season for one of my favorite terms of endearment for y’all-get excited).wink

How is everyone feeling on this fine Tuesday; the last in August?! Can you believe it?! …Like this month has flashed before me, so too has this day! I’ve been quite a busy bee since I rose from my slumber at half past 7 in the ay em. As I mentioned previously, I mean business now that Fall is upon me, and that is what I have been doing since then: taking care of business! I am a woman of my words!

Being that I am still a bit frazzle-dazzled, and overwhelmed upon my return home from Europa, I thought it would be wise to share ways I have (and have not) coped with the daunting feeling of resuming your responsibilities, after doing absolutely nothing but ENJOY yourself while away cool.

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Listen to your mind, instead of your body: When I returned home (after 24 hours of non-stop traveling), I was famished, dizzy, and had bees buzzing in a halo around my head. In short, I was totally discombobulated. I was happy, sad, and mad, all within a few minutes; I covered all emotional ground, Dolls. I walked into a home where I was faced with piles of mail to be sorted through, luggage to be unpacked, laundry to be done, emails to be returned, phone calls to be made, dinner to be cooked, a shower to be had!…For the love of god…it seemed endless, and was not something I was mentally, emotionally, or physically able to manage at the time. Instead of throwing my hands up, showering, and getting my buns in BED, (like I should have!), I tried to power through and “do it all,” which was bloody idiotic! Thus, I had a Daily Dubie Meltdown, and was promptly sent to bed by my Dear Honey Hubs smiley. So, my friends, if you’re Type A, like myself, you’ve got to just LET IT GO in times like these, and remind yourself that everything that needs to get done, will, and you are doing no one any good if you hang yourself out to dry, so to speak. If your body is screaming for REST, GIVE IT THAT!

Think that just because you’re back, you need to immediately resume your full-blown social schedule. This may not be true for some, but whenever I return home, all I want to do is STAY HOME. As much as I love my friends, and love spending time with them, I, too, need a few days to get my bearings, and take time for myself. Do not feel guilty about declining opportunities until a later date. I usually clear the first 2-3 days after returning from vacation, so it’s PLANNED., that I will have that time without having to worry about meeting someone else, getting dressed up, etc., etc. And sometimes, between you and I,  I just don’t feel like talking! I like shutting up! I don’t want any noise, not even my own! I want silence! …After my days are “up” I am usually feeling refreshed, caught-up, and ready to go out with friends again! Here is a wonderful quote I read from an article written by Bernie Siegal, MD:

“When we say yes to what we do not want to do we are saying no to ourselves and that is not survival behavior.”

Don’t make decisions you think you should make; make decisions you want to make!


Take time to fulfill YOUR needs. Don’t put your health on the wayside because “you’re too busy,” or “have too much to catch up on.” These are lame excuses, and will only make you, and everyone around you, less happy as time goes on. You have needs to, so go on ahead, and make it a priority to get to that yoga class, squeeze in 20 minutes of cardio, or treat yourself to a massage. Doing this can only increase your productivity, and performance levels, so make it a priority!

The point I’m trying to get at here, is that, above all else, value your HEALTH! (Physical, Mental, Emotional).

If you value your life, you value your health, because the two are inseparable.

Namaste, Dolls. I’ve said my peace.

Wishing you all wonderful, unfrazzled evenings!

Kiss Kiss, kisskiss

Mrs. LDC* xo

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