Things I want to marry March

March 28, 2014

‘Sup Homies?

Hey now. We’re getting up close and personal today. LIKE IT.



We hit FIVE-OH today with the temps.

It’s been cold as fuck for, like, ever. I’m OVER IT. EVERYONE is over it. #bringontheheatnewyork.


Who’s with me?


You’re in for such a mack-daddy-of-a-treat today.



Despite March being, shall we say, “special,” for me, I was still greatly inspired, touched and thankful for the following gangsterness…

Rainbow Sprinkles. Duh. They scream “PARTY!!!!!!” And obvs, that’s what March was all about. The 31st birthday was a RAGER, folks. <wink wink>…maybe not quite a “rager,” but I did consume copious amounts of rainbow sprinkles and pop bottles full of bub on March 19th. I expect you did the same.

Buttercream Frosting…IS. MY. FAVORITE. THING. EVER. I was the kid who was only interested in frosting – I’d lick that shit off cake like it was my job (often before it was served, which got me into a pickle with Mama J, but as far as I was concerned it was always “my birthday”).

Alexandra von Furstenberg acrylic trays, candy bowls and ash trays. Très chic!

Calm AppHoney Buns Delight made me get this one of the many times I was having a meltdown this month. It totally helped me feel better…buuuuuut I haven’t used it since. Oops. I will though. I will.

Minions. I Cannot handle minions. They’re the little nuggets from Despicable Me.

White Nails = HOTNESS.

SSENSE for some sick high fashion.

Pony kicks.

Squatting. Air squats, front squats, back squats, overhead squats. I CAN’T GET ENOUGH. #bunsaregettingbigger

BIRTHDAY GIFTS! From all the special people in my life…THANK YOU for spending stacks of ca$h on yours truly. You know I’d do the same…and then some wink…but we both know that my LOVE DON’T COST A THING…however I am not one to refuse presents. EVER.

Frozen. The most precious thing ever. I cried…and that mother fucking “Let It Go” song…I am a TOTAL in-the-closet (now out of the closet) listener. It’s the jam…and Elsa is SUCH a babe when she sings it in the movie…although for the record, Olaf the snowman is my favorite. #sisterlove

Jessy Lanza’s “Pull My Hair Back” album. SEX.

Givenchy Le Rouge lipstick…If not for the lipstick…THE CASE. It’s ALL ABOUT THE CASE. (and let’s be real. The lipstick is amazing, too).

Edie Parker and Del Toro Emoji handbags + loafers = DIE!!!!!! Brett you are a genius. I am ABSOLUTELY hooking myself UP with these.

Bond Street Nuit de NoHo Candle. I splurged and bought one two for Pilates studio de Dubie. #nothingbutthebest


AND….We’re done. Parties OVAH (for now).



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