Third Trimester Excuses Are Legit!

April 6, 2017

What up Daily Dubie Family?

Hi! It’s me, Laura…the chick who promised to prenatally post regularly. <peeks behind hands>

Yeah, well, it should go without saying that that went out the window.

I’m pregnant. Duh. I get a free pass on everything. But for real, this third trimester thing is no joke. Baby C is starting to take up A LOT of real estate (and energy). He’s already a hefty five pounds (!), and Mama can feel it.

I am 32 weeks + 4 days today. That means, if I’m lucky, I only have 7 weeks left. THAT’S NOT A LOT…and it’s all just starting to hit me. I started crying to HB the other day because I realized that it will never just be us alone, ever again…And listen, I know that we will take romantical vacations just the two of us, however, we will never again be a family of two. Our lives are about to change monumentally FOREVER.

And, on top of it, I have a feeling our sweetness will arrive a bit early, which is perfectly fine with me (obviously, I already have my bags packed).

Look at my monster belly! HELLO! 

That’s me….+25 pounds deep…and speaking of which, would it be in bad taste to register for a waist trainer? I’m just saying, Mama has MILF goals post-baby. (I’m totally serious about the waist trainer).

The good news is, I’ve still been working out 4-5 days / week with Pilates, yoga, and light cardio + weight training on my own. I think it’s really helped reduce, but not eliminate, the aches and pains…Although, I have to say, recently, I almost always feel like I’ve been riding a horse bareback for days when I walk. The pelvis is a-widening…

In other related news, I have a Pilates studio no longer in the apartment.

Also, very emotional…


Now we just have to put everything in it’s place! Mama Joan is coming this weekend to help me get it all set up. I can’t wait!

Finished product coming soon…

In the meantime, bite on this:

Namaste. I love you.



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