Tongue On Plate

September 27, 2011

Pumpkins! Lovers! Dovers! … Hello! Hello! I know it’s been a while, buuuuuut…

Mrs. Daily D is BACK!

Excusé the de-lay, however, as I’ve previously given way to, I’ve had my mind full-tending to my up-and-coming HEALTH COUNSELING biz – of which I’m beyond JAMMED for! It’s too soon to share too many details, but rest assured, you will be of the FIRST in-the-know about all things Counselor Constantiner-related. wink

Frankly speaking, I intended on posting this update, oh….3 hours ago, but obviously that didn’t pan out, so HERE I am! The reason I’ve chosen to share this seemingly unimportant piece of information, is because what I’m about to share with y’all is no longer relevant-(considering the present time), but it’s still worth the mention because…

I did a photo shoot for you, and I didn’t want it to go to waste. coolyescool

I wanted to show you how much I love heartpeanut butterheart. I love peanut butter SO MUCH that I literally, licked my plate clean. That is correct: tongue. on. plate.

(In advance, my apologies if you find this repulsive).


That was my lunch: 4 tablespoons of peanut butter with apple and celery slices. For the record, I did order a $21 shrimp salad from Le Pain Quotidien. I am embarrassed and ashamed to admit that I straight trashed it because it looked so nauseating I couldn’t bare the thought of eating). <sigh>. What this further proves is the power of peanut butter on Yours Truly: It makes everything better. wink

Okay, enough peanut butter banter…can we please talk about the movie I was, initially, none too thrilled to see:


Well, Ladies and Gentlemen, this movie is an absolute MUST-SEE! It’s:





Seriously, one of the BEST movies I’ve seen in years. Loved it. Loved it. Loved it. Want to see it again. Again. and Again.

And The soundtrack…Ooooh Mama!!! It’s ON FIRE! Fantastic! Can’t stop listening to the 4 songs I’ve been able to find and download:

  1. Under Your Spell, Desire
  2. A Real Hero, College *My fave*
  3. Nightcall, Kavinsky
  4. In The City, Chromatics

Soundtrack is not yet available, but click here for list of tracks & preview –>

The bomb, indeed.

Aight, time for CHICKEN QUESADILLAS! Wishing y’all a happy, healthy, beautiful eve!

Big Kisses kiss

Love heart

Mrs. Daily D xx

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