Top 20 Things I LOVE Right Now!

March 14, 2013

Muñecas Bonitas Deliciosas!

Oh Mah Gosh…I did it…

I CUT my hair!

I’m never one to shy away from chopping my hair off, but it had been a while (2 years) since I took the plunge. I am SO proud to report that

The LOB has returned…

Check it.

…I am LUH-VING every waking moment. Ob-sessed!

There’s something about short hair that feels way more fresh and stylish than my long hair. I feel so much cooler. <sigh>.

The cut is also less polished, and has more texture and movement. I was told by my stylist (Tommy) that the severe A-line cut is passé and for “New Jersey housewives who are trying to be hip.” He said it, not me. <wink wink>. I’m jazzed that I threw all my eggs in the Tommy basket and let him have at it, because it’s an H-I-T as far as I’m concerned.

Tomorrow, it’s onto the color, which won’t come as much of a surprise – I’m just brightening up the blonde, baby. I’ve got to be tres golden for my birthday! Gold is where it’s at this year…

Speaking of which…how about we dip right into what y’all came here for today…

The Top 20 Things I Love Right NOW!

(in no particular order)

1). Sephora on-the-go instant eyemask

2). Bright, colorful (Colombian inspired) swimsuits. Love these OndadeMar because they come in “Latin Cut” bottoms, which fit my lady lumps just right.

3). Coconut Body Butter

4). Oribe Styling Creme to texturize the new ‘do. wink

5). LOBS! I like the locks short and sweet, Y’all! 

6). Navy blue Stila eyeliner in “Bluefin”

7). Gold stuff! Like…gold dress, gold shoes, gold glitter nails. It’s all happening next week.

8). 22 Ounce Yankee Candle in “Vanilla Cupcake.” I swear this smells like real cupcakes AND it’s subtle enough that it doesn’t make you nauseous. MMmmm yummy!

9). House of Cards. With Homeland and Downton Abbey behind us, this is our new conquest. LOV-ING! Kevin Spacey is unbelievable.

10). Birthday cake! It MUST have BUTTERCREAM frosting!

11). Rainbow Sprinkles

12). Cadbury Mini Eggs. Omigod…I totally cave into the Cadbury mini egg come Eastertime. I like to stick them in the freezer, then portion out 1/4 cup’s worth and savor every. last. bite.

13). The Kroll Show. Okay <pause> Nick Kroll is amazing. Funniest sh*t ever. His sketches have me in stitches every time! “PubLIZity” and “Bobby Bottleservice” are among my favorites.

14). Loro Piana Cashmere House Slippers. THE BEST EVER.

15). Deep tissue murder-my-back massages.

16). Epsom salt baths

17). 21 in 31 challenge @CorePilatesNYC – I’ve got 11 down, and 10 more to go!

18). Cameo App! My husband’s newest app creation is BA-NANAS! (and I’m not just tooting his horn because I love him the pieces). It’s seriously badass. The app allows you to channel your inner film director/editor self, only without having to do much of anything! All you have to do is shoot short video clips, select a theme and soundtrack, then with the click of a button you have yourself a sick video montage you can share with family, friends, or the world – take your pick! App will be available in iTunes store SOON. P.S.: It’s FREE.

19). The color YELLOW. I’ve always loved yellow because it’s so happy, fun and fresh!

20). My Anatomy Coloring Book because I’m a nerd, and I have to always be learning!

BAM! That does it, Lovers!

heartSalud to the eve…and almost weekend! heart

kissMuah! Besos for ALL!kiss


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