Top 20 Things I’m Loving This Month!

June 27, 2013

Hot Tamales of My Life…

Damn Miley Cyrus…For the love of god, I cannot get “We can’t stooooop, and we won’t stoooop…” out of my head. I also can’t wrap my head around the music video. Or this Janet Jackson-ish boob photo.

No comment. But the song I like. Kinda obsessed. I’ll leave it at that…Moving right along…


It should go without saying that Thursdays call for celebration in DailyDubieVille. Tequila will be in my boca tonight, that’s for darn sure.

Now <pause> I have a few very important updates, so pay the fuck attention.

Numero Uno: I did end up taking a hot yoga class after my insane “hot” Pilates private, and I am proud to report that I feel pretty awesome today. My plan worked! Don’t get me wrong, I am sore all over, but good sore, not dirty sore – you know, the kind of sore where you feel like a swollen sausage and every step you take is painful. Some words of advice…

The absolute worst thing you can do for yourself when you’re sore form exercise is to not move. Get off your ass and work through it. Don’t be a pussy, you’ll hurt more. 

Numero Dos: Justin Bieber makes me cringe right now. He’s entering Lindsay Lohan territory. If I hear or see another headline about his idiot friends with idiot names driving his tricked out Lamborghinis… I mean really. It has to stop.

Numero tres: Here’s some #TBT for your buns!

Me + baby brother circa Christmas 1990.  Amazing, right? Obviously Rob was a dollface, but can we please discuss my mushroom hair, specifically the feathered bangs? And the lipstick? <sigh>

That’s some good shit, right there. I love Throwback Thursdays #tbt. They make me very happy.


Alright. I’m done with my very important announcements. Now you get to feast your eyeballs on THIS!

EAT. IT UP, Bunnies!


1). Heart Butt Leggings by Nina B. Roze and Onzie printed cropped leggings.

2). Foam Rollers and The “Rumble” Roller: I thoroughly enjoy torturing myself at night we these contraptions. It hurts so good.

3). Well & Good’s Refrigerator Look Book. I’m nosey. I love seeing what other people keep in their fridge! It’s very exciting because it speaks volumes about them and their lifestyle. I might have to copy and start my own! Who will be my first contributor?!?

4). OMilk’s Coffee Almond Milk….holy shitballs, it’s the jam! Every week I get two bottles delivered. They’re located in Brooklyn, but also have their nut milks in a variety of Whole Foods locations and other specialty markets in greater NYC area. GET SOME. NOW.

5). Speaking of coffee, if you’re in Williamsburg, swing by Persons of Interest Barbershop for some of THE BEST coffee of your life, Parlor Coffee is the future of coffee. You heard it here first. DRINK SOME. NOW.

6). Watermelon. Duh.

7). Marcus Lupper Sequined Bunny Sweater

8). Hot Yoga..Obviously. I’m an addict.

9). Raspberry Leaf Tea, especially when I’m in the “dot zone,” (aka my period).

10). Miniature succulent plants. Succulents do well indoors because they barely require any maintenance (water once a week!). We have four. Aren’t they precious? They make me smile.

11). Slim Leaves Havaianas in gold. Gangster.

12). Short Hair. Got mine chopped again few weeks ago and I feel so much more stylish…when I actually take the time to do it. Thank you Tommy Buckett.

13). Gabrielle Reece’s new book: “My Foot Is Too Big For The Glass Slipper.” I read it in a week! Didn’t know much about her, but I fancy her husband so I thought I’d give it a shot, and I ended up really liking it! It’s a book on life/being a mommy/staying healthy, which sounds like a total snoozefest, but she offers up a fresh, brutally honest and hilarious perspective.

14). This Is The End. If you’re looking for a good laugh, see this movie. All of my stoner readers will especially enjoy watching James Franco, Seth Rogen, Danny McBride and Jonah Hill smoke fattys and get ridiculous.

15). My new Fjallraven Backpack…SNAP! I’m LUH-VING it.

16). My Beautiful Ella Pie’s Birthday! If you haven’t seen it already, I made her a special birthday Cameo, using my husband’s amazing app. Watch it.

17). Oh my gosh…Arrested Development. I know I’m about 10 years late to watch this show, but, alas I started! It is bloody fantastic…And aren’t you jealous I’m still on the first season? You should be.

18). Acupuncture. I have been going once a week for the past 6 weeks, and I am amazed how much it has positively affected my life! I am a believer. Thank you Sarah Ruback for recommendation! 

19). The idea of roller blading the West Side Highway. I say idea, because my dream hasn’t come to fruition yet this Summer. These babies are begging to be used. <Sigh>

20). THIS SONG Latch, by Disclosure, Sam Smith. This and We Can’t Stop = Dance Central. Love heart

Alright, party’s over. I’m calling a WRAP on it, Homies…

kissMuah! kiss

heartMuch Loveheart



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