Treat of the week: Lemon Bars!

June 28, 2013

What’s up Homies?

Yup. Friday is IN THA BUILDING. 

Do me a favor…play some Miley Cyrus, dance your socks off and have adult beverage.


Moving on…

I need to simmer down my coffee almond milk consumption. I had maybe six ounces yesterday mixed with quinoa and chia seeds for breakfast, and it did me reaaaalllly dirty.

I feel like a tweeker.

My heart has been racing, my hands are trembling, and sleep – forget about it – last night I half-slept, you know that feeling when you close your eyes and have some dreams, but it’s not a deep, restorative and restful sleep. Oh and my stomach hurts, too. WTF. I’m very annoyed. Not a happy camper about it, but the party must go on. And by “party,” I mean your…



They’re raw + vegan + GF Ninjas!

Here is how to make!


3/4 Cup Gluten Free Rolled Oats

3/4 Cup dates

1/4 Cup Agave

3/4 Cup Unsweetened Coconut Flakes

Lemon Layer

1/3 Cup Melted Coconut Oil

1/4 Cup Maple Syrup

Juice from 3 lemons

1/2 Cup Coconut Flakes

1 Ripe Banana

2 T Coconut Flour

Directions: First make crust by pulsing ingredients together until they’re a “rough” looking flour. Then, press into bottom of pan and spread evenly.

Last, put all of the ingredients for the lemon layer in a blender and blend for a hot minute. Last, pour over crust layer, cover with saran wrap and refrigerate overnight.

These are refreshing and really yummy! Obviously they’re not my favorite because chocolate isn’t in the equation, but they’re good.

I’m calling a wrap on it, Lovers.

Salud to the weekend!

heartMuch Loveheart


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