November 2, 2015

Where My Bitches At?


It’s November. You know what that means…

It’s time. Time for the anthem. Press play, and let your worries melt away.

I’m going into week two of Mission: Get Realigned, which is code for I can’t fuck shit up and drip sweat beads…The only physical activities I am advised to do is walking and Pilates. Fine. It should go without saying that I love Pilates, but you and I both know that I need something more aggressive in my life. I need an outlet to unleash the beast!

So far, what I’ve learned from all of this, is:

1). The left side of my body is significantly weaker than the right.

2). Taking the time EVERYDAY to stretch, mash, and/or mobilize is necessary to proper, balanced biomechanics. Tight muscle tissue and connective tissue is often the cause of achiness and pain we feel in joints, and can put us at higher risk of injury, because our movement is impinged.

3). It’s staggering how much exercise can affect your mental well-being / mood. Let me just say that I had some very “special” moments last week, that 100%, absolutely included some crying. :::Sigh::: The hormones were OFF THE CHARTS. Knowing that exercise significantly affects our endocrine system (responsible for hormone production), it made perfect sense.

4). Not having something sucks, but it gives us an opportunity to really appreciate what that something is, and be all the more grateful once we have it again. Seemingly negative experiences can also reinvigorate us, motivate us, and get us to see things from a different (necessary) perspective. Since my back spasmed, I realize the IMPORTANCE of mobility work, and will never again brush it off. Hopefully, as a result, I will move better, and continue to get stronger and better at my movements.



BOOM. How’s that for some Monday fun?

I’ll be back this week. I swear. I love you. You are cool. Bye Felicia.





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