March 1, 2016

Oh, Hi You Guys…

Been a while. Feels a little awkward. I’m out of practice.

Maybe we need a few fucks, a couple shits and a whole lot of sluttiness to get things going…

For real…that helped. HAH. There’s nothing like unleashing a couple F-bombs…

Fuck therapy.

Should be a thing. How’s that for a double entendre?! You’re all on board…

Well, because some time has passed since I last delivered a fat Dubie blunt for you to puff on, you have to understand that I have acquired a plethora of topics I’d like to discuss and/or get off my chest. <evil grin>


I write EVERYTHING down, and by write, I mean I type stickie notes all over my computer and phone. I was cleaning my phone up this weekend and I have…you ready?

OVER 100 notes. ONE HUNDRED mother fucking notes.

Hot damn.

And guess what? I did’t delete very many because I take good ass notes. The only note I deleted was the credit card number and address of a woman I used to train. Three years ago, she entrusted me to order her a pair of studded, high top converse she saw me wear. She was in her 70’s, and obviously couldn’t do it herself- too much work. Oh, did I mention she lived on the Upper East Side?

Such a beautiful memory.

You know what else is a beautiful memory?

Me being in Miami last weekend.


For the record. That’s real.

I could sit and stare out at this sunset forever…good thing we’re going back for my BIRTHDAY.

Don’t worry, you have 18 days to plan my surprise party extravaganza with really expensive gifts.

MARCH 19th. Mark your calendars. VERY important. You don’t want to forget it. Trust.


So, the theme of the day is this:


Asking myself this specific question, has, especially recently, done me nothing but good.

We all experience people or circumstances that just SUUUUUUUUUUUCK.

If we’re smart, we change the things we have the power to, but there will always be things we cannot change- and the only thing we do have control over is how we choose to respond to it. 

This is so simple, yet so hard to do. If you have the self-awareness, you can do this, and your life will benefit significantly.

When you are in a situation that you cannot change, ask yourself:

“What am I supposed to learn from this?”

This question has the power to shift your perspective, and GIVE you wisdom, instead of just taking away your happiness. It is a productive, educational way of handling a negative situation, and, as shitty and annoying as things might be, you come out of it BETTER.

You learn more about yourself – you recognize your behavior patterns, break those that aren’t working (and probably never worked), and realize that you’re capable of something you never considered a part of your skill set. Thus, you’re more confident in yourself as a human.

I say…

Uncomfortable, shitty, and annoying situations are an opportunity for self-discovery, so why not TAKE IT, baby.

The most important nugget of truth I want to impart here is that it’s ALWAYS about US – WE are responsible for giving stuff meaning in our life. WE are responsible for how we perceive things. So, if someone offends you, ask yourself WHY? Why did what that person said bother me? What can I learn ABOUT ME from them being an asshole? When you are really at peace with who you are as a person, you won’t let anyone or anything threaten you or your happiness. The day you can genuinely just laugh at or ignore someone saying something rude to you, is the day you’ve won.

Be #untouchable, Hookers.

I love you.






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