You Guys. It’s October.

October 6, 2015

You Guys…

It’s October. What the fuck.

Photo on 10-6-15 at 12.49 PM…PUMPKINS, basic bitch candles, and stupid Halloween decorations are what the fuck is up!!!

IMG_1491 IMG_1492 IMG_1493

Yeah, buddy. I am in it to win it during the holidays.

Mess with my vibes and I’ll deliver a straight right to your face.

I have some news…

1). Not to brag, but Ronda Rousey, the real Ronda Rousey liked my instagram post from the other day. We are now best friends and I’ll probably be in her wedding when she gets married.

2). HB and I will be in New York City all month = Namast-yay = more quality Dubie posts.

3). For all my dude readers, please, educate yourself on what is acceptable as far as jeans go. Tip: throw your bootcut jeans in the garbage. Then burn them. Everything A Guy Needs To Know Before Buying Jeans.


We’ll finish with some food for thought…

IMG_1494Stand up for yourself and what you believe in. Don’t conform to appease other people.

BOOM. We’re done. I swear I’ll deliver a long, juicy post soon. Keep the eyeballs open and ready.




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