Be nice…to yourself

July 1, 2014


BABIES of my LIFE!!!

Hi there. 

...Excuse while I inhale my phenomenal open fried egg and avocado sandwich. I have barely eaten a morsel of food, and I've deleted, like, 5 million calories with some magical Pilates and hot yoga.

Holla...but holy shit. I NEED TO FEED, or else I'll get hood on someone. For real.

Lesson be learned: Don't fuck with me when I'm hungry...also do not talk to me because I am not listening to you. FacT (emphasis on the T).


<post-sandwich destruction>

I am feeling much, MUCH better! Fabulous, in fact. I'm totally going to have a dessert, but first, I owe you a FAT piece of Dubie ass...



If you follow my shit on INSTA, you know I traveled 6,000 miles over the weekend to celebrate my Canty Lover, aka my future sister-in-law. You could say we had fun in the sun. The #guns and #buns were in FULL EFFECT. <wink wink>


...Obviously, I was still drunk when I boarded my 6:45 a.m. flight back to NYC Sunday morning. I was unacceptable and wanted to stab everyone's eyeballs out - including my own. After 12 hours, a big bowl of pasta (HBunny delivered!), a hot shower, an episode of Orange is the New Black, and 10 hours of sleep, I semi-recovered. I was still in rare form yesterday, but made it top priority to take care of myself because frankly, my 31-year-old body simply CANNOT HANDLE more than two days worth of wild and crazy shenanigans. It was, however, worth EVERY ounce of pain I experienced Sunday, I just need massive TLC now because I'm an old lady who is a very fragile human.


It is also the week before my dot = EXTRA EMO DUBIE = FUCKING ANNOYING.

<Sigh>. What tends to happen this time of the month is that I am more easily offended, I take things personally when I shouldn't, I cry all of the time about things that aren't even sad, I want to delete everyone, all people annoy me (with the exception of a few), I am capable of being very bitchy, I am bratty, I am hard on myself, nothing is ever good enough.

I know I'm not batshit crazy. I know you all can relate to a degree. Don't lie bitches. wink

Because I am so aware of this, I am  always trying to make it better, not let myself get sucked into the negativity. Some months are better than others. But, lately, my "theme" for my own personal growth, is to be nicer to myself. Especially NOW when I know I am predisposed to it.

Isn't that sweet? wink I think so.

Even though I always think I can be better at ALL things...part of that process - of improving, growing, changing - is to accept where you are NOW. Be proud, thankful and grateful for what you have, what you can do, and how you positively affect the lives of others NOW. Like TODAY. Like this VERY SECOND. THIS VERY MINUTE. Because, at the end of the day the past and the future do not matter. REAL TIME matters. Consuming your thoughts with things of the past and the future are mere distractions from the FUCKING AMAZING that can happen RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW.

Ya hear?

...One last thing I am compelled to share before I say peace. Today I woke up feeling physically spent (but you know that doesn't stop me from exercise). I did Pilates AND then I did a hot yoga class right after because that's usually my jam, and I always feel fabulous afterward. In class, I was really struggling - usually I just push through and try to go balls to the wall with every pose/expression because I am a crazy person in that way, but today I was totally okay with modifying - I even took a brief child's pose to give myself some relief! This might sound ridiculous, but for me, this was a big deal. This was my way of being nicer to myself. Being okay with what my body could give IN THE MOMENT. I am proud. Tear.

My advice to you: Be nice to yourself. Modify. Take breaks. We all need them.


UGH. Who's over this? I am. I love you.

Peace Muthafuckas.






What I ate for Breakfast Tuesday

June 24, 2014


'Sup MoFos?


...Because you care, I've decided to share what I ate for breakfast. Today, it happened to be one of my favorite desserts breakfasts of ALL TIME. Are you ready for this jelly? ...GET IT. GET IT.




It literally tastes like ice cream. 'Nuff said.

All you need is

A Blender + 5 Minutes (including prep time)...then BOOM, a healthy dose of phenomenal for your boca.


That's all I've got for now. Like it. Love it. Eat it.

Besos Grandes.




June 23, 2014


Nugglets of MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Things are HOT AS SHIT up in this bidness...starting with my hot dog tee...

...and let's be real, sons, I'm sorta having a pretty day, which is why I did you the honor of taking more than one selfie. <sigh>

You're welcome.



Hot dog tee IN FULL. HOLLA.

...and obviously I had to show what was on the bottom. My fabulous, new, and slightly slutty booty shorts. I love them. You ALL need some. 

You might think I have some crazy filter on these pictures that makes me look tan as fuck...and I totally do. HOWEVER, I am, for real, VERY bronzed- spent some time on our roof this weekend reading, dranking...and taking selfies.

I also made HB and I HOMEMADE LASAGNA using these AMAZING grain-free noodles. It was PHENOMENAL.

...The rest of the weekend wound up looking like this...




and, of course...HB SLEEPING (awwwww isn't he sweet?)


Ugh. I'm totally over myself...but not enough that I won't show you this FRESH CAMEO, featuring...Yours Truly...

I finally grew a set of balls and took a little trip IN FRONT OF the camera. <sigh> Not the most comfortable position to be in. I sorta hate it.


...And now, before I say peace...your BOMB OF KNOWLEDGE...
It takes risk, failure, hard work and dedication to reach goals. It is these things that make you a BETTER PERSON. 

Don't ever stop trying to be BETTER. DO NOT. EVER. 


I'm out. I love you.

kissMuchos Besos kiss



June 21, 2014




I know you've been without Dubie ganj for a while...but trust when I say that it's a fabulous thing.

CHANGE IS HAPPENING. We're in transition. Space right now is necessary. I'm gearing up for the launch of 

Daily Dubie 3.0!!!


I won't say much, but I will say that it's a smokeshow, sons. #bepatient. 


No need for earmuffs today! This post is RATED G for my niece and for my Mama. wink...HIT IT...


You know I NEVER post on weekends, but today is an exception. The sole purpose of this post to give a birthday shoutout (also something I never do), but this little lady will always be the exception to the rule...


...The (other) love of my life!

You've lit up my life from the first moment I held your mini seven pound burrito snuggle face self in my arms. 

...and I continue to love you more and more everyday! (if that's possible!)

Your are the most beautiful girl on the inside out. 

You are talented beyond measure. I am so proud of everything you do - the small things and the big things.

You are so sensitive and thoughtful.


I LOVE YOU TO THE MOON AND BACK, BABY!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY. You will always be Lola's special girl! 


Lola ...aka.




Catching Up

June 17, 2014



It's hot as balls up in this fuzz...I am hydrating with pineapple coconut water. Like a BOSSSSSS....

#newkicks #boss

Just a friendly, subtle reminder for those who don't realize who they're dealing with.

We clear?


...Oh! I also got my nails did. They're very hip. Check 'em...

Sky blue. I'm into it if for the sole reason that they make me look tan.


...Now <pause> let me tell you about my weekend...





I was anxious, nervous and excited all at the same time! Everything went great! I couldn't have asked for a better weekend with a better group of people. I was so proud - of THEM and of myself.

Here's the whole gang (from back row, left to right): Diana, Joseph, Melissa, Madeline, Frances, Sandra, Jen, Me, Jarushka and Shilpa.

You can check out more photos on ISH4P

P.S.: I obviously had to wear my Westeros leggings in honor of the GOT Season finale. 


Don't hate me, but I really want to complain about how much my body hurts. But it's the good kind of hurt - the hurt that reminds you you've worked your ass off. You know this makes me very happy...

Even though I can't really walk without wincing, I love knowing that I am getting stronger and better. 

I told you post-vacay, I was ready to fuck shit up. I am a woman of my word.

Now, since I've been destroying my muscle fibers the past week+, they're fucking pissed. Furious even. They've had enough. They want mercy, so I'm giving them mercy.

I can't be an idiot and continue to push, when my body is telling me no mas. Our bodies are so smart. We just need to listen to them. Most of the time we don't, which is what gets us into trouble. But I AM LISTENING. I am obliging and taking tomorrow off, so I can recover. I'll tell you how that goes. <wink wink>.


That's really all I have to say today, Homies. There was no rhyme or reason to today's post. It was chaos, but I liked it. I like you.



Things I Loved May

June 11, 2014


'Sup Fuckers? ...I do say that with endearment. <wink wink>

For those offended, get the fuck out of here...



Who digs the braid? I'm into it. It's my new summertime-I-don't-feel-like-doing-my-hair-but-I-still-want-to-look-polished-and-pretty look. Inspired by the Caribbean. Obvs. I'm so on trend and cultured.


I'm also wearing some #fancypants today. 

They're speakers and they're awesome. I got them from for those who want to jock my style.

I "turnt" shit up in the Pilates studio a BAWWWWSSSS.

Bada-bing. Bada-boom.


Before I get to the goods, I have a confession...

I, Laura Daily Dubie Constantiner, have a life coach and she's fucking amazing. Her name is JENN.

I started working with her almost three years ago when I embarked on my health coaching career. She initially helped me with my business, but then I switched gears and decided to get certified in Pilates - which happens to be the apple of my eye (duh) -I found my calling! But, throughout ALL of the changes that have happened, I've continued to need and want her support - whether it be around my physical health, or to help me get out of my own way (bad Laura!) - depending on how I'm feeling month-to-month, what we talk about is always different. 

She continues to inspire and empower me to not be afraid to be authentic. To not be afraid to be human and publicly acknowledge when I make mistakes or don't know something. Someone always knows something you don't. To fuck what other people think and focus on ME. Over the years I've worked with her, I continue to make strides in my own personal growth, which continues to make everything else in my life BETTER.

She's my best kept secret, until now. You're welcome. Namaste.

You know I mean business when I take the time to tell you about somebody or something amazing, and Jenn is that. She's special. I have a few special people in my life and she is one of them.

...I should also mention that she specializes in helping sugar-addicted women kick their cravings and regain their confidence. If this sounds like you, it's your lucky day because this Mama is offering a FREE 30-minute strategy session. She's got 5 left this month. Sugar cravings or not, if you want in or are merely curious...hit her up at subject line “Count Me In-Laura sent me,” because you know I want some cred. <wink wink> Jenn will get back to you with the details.


Oki Doke. Let's light some shit UUUUUP.


1). Egyptian Magic. It's magic.

2). Sephora rouge matte lipstick in Pantone Orchid. Scorching HOT.

3). Bath & Body Works Caribbean Escape hand soap. It's a vacation in a bottle.

4). Illuminaria GIGANTIC candles. I gots two. They're everything.

5). The Multifidus Muscle of the spine. SPAGHETTI MUSCLE! #stabilizercentral #transversospinalis

6). Replay, by Zendaya

7). My Kath's new baby nugget: Miss Madeline Ball. This is one big pile of precious. I'm obsessed.

8). Anklets. I just haven't found one I like yet...I'm on the hunt, peeps!

9). Proenza Schouler Mini Classic in BLANC. Chic sauce.

10). Piz Buin Sunscreen. The French do everything even smells amazing. 

11). Geodesis Spray

12). Piamita Print Pants

13). Heavy Chains. I WANT ONE. #imagansta

14). Stay With Me, Sam Smith + Black Space Remix

15). My Muffin's Birthday! 32, baby.




Peace Sons kiss


Paleo Pancakes, Yo

June 10, 2014


Well well well...

Look who decided to post in the wee hours of the am.

MOI! (see...that French is slipping in. I can't help my fluent self).

Good morning! Good morning!...

I thought you might want some pancakes.

Who doesn't fucking love pancakes?!?

But these won't make you feel like a house after eating, after all they're PAAALLLEEEEOOOO, yo. 

Check it:

Nom nom.

We're done here...



She’s Baaaaaack!

June 9, 2014


Wuddup My Muthafuckas?!? ...


It's been WAY. TOO. LONG. since...

#1. I've Daily Dubie'd. Duh. #Dubewasonvacay


#2. I let some fucks and shits loose. 

So, if you would, just give me a moment...

Fuck fuck fuck fuck fucker fucking shit damn bitch boobs ass ho boobs.

Isn't boobs a fabulous word? I like boobs.

Ahhhhh...Okay, now NOW I can begin. ...But where the fuck to begin is the question!

So much has happened since we last spoke. For you losers who failed to follow my shit on INSTA, you missed a good show. More often than not, it involved me, in my bikini, on the beach, with alcohol, doing some Pilates...And, obviously, HB made some cameos (pun intended) <wink wink>. 

Of course, we had THE BEST TRIP EVER! If you can stand it, check out these photos documenting some of the shenanigans that went down.




I also read three books...

1). What Remains, by Carole Radziwill. Beautifully written. I'd like to think she wrote this book and not a "ghost-writer," as alleged by that nutjob Aviva. <Sigh>

2). The Corsican Caper, by Peter Mayle. I thought this would be a juicy, mindless beach read, but it was sorta a snooze if I'm going to be honest - very predictable. Thank god it was a nugget (less than 200 pgs).

3). Insatiable Porn --- A Love Story, by Asa Akira. This is TOTAL EARMUFFS material, but fascinating. I love reading about people and their lives, and the fact that this young and hugely successful porn star loves every waking moment about what she does proved all the more enticing. It's SCANDAL to the fourth power, but if you're naughty, you'll like it. <wink wink>.

...Then I became a world-renowned artist...

...and it just so happened that after spending four days in St. Barth's, I am now totally fluent in French. TOTALLY.

No big deal. I'm brushing dirt off my shoulders, yo.


Suffice to say, coming home was so painful in so many ways...

For starters, I feel ENORMOUS. 


No really. I am. I should only consume kale with lemon for the next 10 days, but we all know that won't happen. Only idiots do stupid shit like that. I am no idiot. 

I did, however, hook us up with a PILE OF HEALTH first thing Sunday morning. Check it.

BOOM. That's how I do.

...Although, I should let it be known that despite feeling muy largo, I still feel like a sexy bitch.

What. The. Fuck.

Who cringed? I did! I did!  But it's the truth, sons. Take it or leave it. 

...I mean, I would rather chew rocks than slip into a bikini that rides up my gigantic ass and take 9,000 selfies, but that vacation was WORTH IT ALL...and you know I'm going to fuck some shit up now that I'm back in the game. Obvs.


So, yeah, I came home with a few more pounds, but I also came home to a few amazing pieces of mail...


Christmas came early for the Constantiners, and it only seems appropriate to share some of the contents...

Some fabulous new pillows...

I mean...if that isn't the lamest, cutest thing ever..............................and then we have this special...


Yeah, baby. Good things WILL happen. ALWAYS. 


And finally..I'll seal the deal with this FUCK storm

So inappropriately appropriate. I LOVE IT. I LOVE YOU.

I'll be back this week with some more naughty fun. Stay tuned.

heartPEACE. BESOS.heart



Psst. Almost forgot to drop a bomb of knowledge. Here it is. Let it BLOW YOUR MIND.