Happy St. Patty’s Day!

March 17, 2014


'Sup Hoes?

Me? I'm just throwin' up some peace signs 'n shit. Giving you good selfie. Like it.



Who's getting bombed?!?

I'm not Irish, but I'd love to throw back a couple cold ones. <Pause> Let's be real here. I don't drink beer, I just happen to like that phrase and inserting it where I did made perfect sense, but perhaps more importantly, it made me sound like a cool fucking chick. <Sigh> Don't get me wrong, I am EXTREMELY COOL, but I don't drink beer. So what. Wish I liked it, but I don't. #delete. 


So here's the deal. There will be no "agenda" this week because you know and I know that I don't know when I'll be able to bring it. But I will again. Like a G.


Instead, I leave you with these little nuggets of entertainment. Read and watch your hearts out, Ninjas.

1). Watch CPNYC's October apprentices compete in Season 3 of Top Trainer! Woot. Find out who bossed it out and took home the title...annnd a rose. A single rose.

2). It's MY BIRTHDAY on Wednesday. It's MY BIRTHDAY on Wednesday. It's MY BIRTHDAY on Wednesday. It's MY BIRTHDAY on Wednesday.
3). A little bomb of knowledge.
4). It's MY BIRTHDAY on Wednesday. It's MY BIRTHDAY on Wednesday. It's MY BIRTHDAY on Wednesday. It's MY BIRTHDAY on Wednesday.
5). I love you. Namaste. 
heartPeace Suckasheart

Just say no

March 16, 2014


Holy shit, Homies..It's been so long I forgot how to blog.


AS IF! The Dubes ALWAYS has a plethora of things to chat about - noteworthy or not, we discuss. We go everywhere. EVERYWHERE, goddammit.


I'm sure you're wondering where the fuck I am and what the fuck I am doing that's preventing the Dubes from pumping on the reg. (And if you're not, you get an explanation anyway, so like it). 

But first...some gratuitous SELFIES. Duh.

Oh...haaaaayyyyyaaaaayyyyyyy. I'm modeling my new sick shades. A birthday treat I gave myself today, because I totally needed another pair of sunglasses. <sigh> #badlaura

The excitement ensues...it called for another selfie. !!!!!

...and finally, what I'm really doing right now. I'm IN BED, Suckas. With my hot water bottle buddy. #happiness


Today is my one and only day off (where I do not have scheduled plans) for the next month. I have chosen to spend it AT HOME. IN BED. NOT TALKING TO ANYONE, except you (feel special).

Over the past few weeks, I've been a bit of a basketcase. I've been exceptionally emotional, for reasons unbeknownst to me...until now.

What I've concluded is that I need to start saying no. To things. To people. And...wait for it, wait for it...IT'S OKAY! <sigh of relief>

In my own words: "I NEED TO DELETE without grief."

Shit. That was good. #quoteme

I've always had a fear of letting other people down. But now, as I grow older (31 BIG ONES coming up on Wednesday! Woot!) and wiser (holler!) I see that saying yes, when I really mean no, only makes me feel resentful and exhausted. 

Y'all feel me?

I imagine the reason I am feeling so strongly about this now, is because I am growing and I am changing = more BADASS Dubie. Fuck. Yes. I'll take it. 


You know that when shit hits the fan, and we're feeling overwhelmed and upset it's actually a GREAT thing. I'll be the first to admit that in the moment, it blows a fat one, but after you get past the wah wah, crybaby moment(s), life gets better (if you CHOOSE to make it better). Seriously. It's those negative, shitty feelings that prompt us to TAKE ACTION and MAKE CHANGE to better ourselves and better our lives. 

...Obviously, there are going to be some HUGE muthafucking changes happening up in this joint. Just wait. You'll see. <wink wink>.


Two more things before I say peace...

Some knowledge to hit before you quit...


BOOM. Two bombs just went off.


I'm out. 





March 11, 2014


Yo, Homies of my life...

I have things to say and I have selfies. 

We'll start with the selfies, duh.

I'm wearing a tanktop. I'm wearing a tanktop. I'm wearing a tanktop. I'm wearing a tanktop. I'm wearing a tanktop.

I have muscles! I have muscles! I have muscles! I have muscles! I have muscles! I have muscles!

BULGING muscles.


Now, things to say...

1). I love you

2). Right now, it is impossible for me to resume the Daily Dubie schedge on the reg. Lots of shit's happening. I am a wanted woman. I am an exhausted woman. With that said...

3). I will still try my to post a few times a week, so continue to keep your eyeballs peeled, however...

4). The best thing to do is to like my ass (literally and) on Facebook and follow me on Insta to get some special updates that may or may not involve FOOD, SELFIES and FUN (obvs.)


Today I DROP KNOWLEDGE. HIT IT like you mean it.



I'm out. Peace, Suckas.



March 7, 2014


YO Homies. 



...So what the fuck happened to the Dubie this week?!?!

I'll break it down for you:

I've been working like a mad woman. 

I'm short on sleep = I'm burnt toast = I'm a capital C-R-A-B crab.

You should also be very well aware that I am on my dot. I'm sure you love knowing about my menstrual cycle (bytheway menstrual is a TERRIBLE word. HATE), especially all my boyyyz. <SIGH> I make no apologies. The Dubes tells all. Take it or leave. I am a woman. I have a vagina and it bleeds every month when little Mikey's and little Laura's aren't created. 

So, you see, it should go without saying that I have been in a very special, highly-emo state. I think every day this week I've cried at least once or have been on the verge of tears. Wah wahhhh. I've been a total head case. So, aside from the fact that I haven't really had the time that I'd like to dedicate an HQ post for your eyeballs, my mind hasn't been in the right space to deliver the YOLO SWAG BADASS GANGSTER SHIT you all look forward to.



HERE. I. AM!!!!!!!

Getting all jacked up on coffee-(thanks Bunny!), listening to Mariah Carey (oh yeah), and talking to all of YOU, my beautiful Muñecas. The cabeza is in a much better place now, as I sit here typing from BED. Fuck yeah. BED. AMAZEBALLS times infinity.


So, what should we talk about now that the air is cleared? I think I'll give you five more little nuggets of surprise about yours truly. Deal? Cool.


UNO: I shave my arms. WHAT?!?!? Yes. I shave my arms. I've shaved them since high school. All the cheerleaders were doing it, and I (obviously) succumbed to peer pressure, and deleted my blonde fuzz. And for those wondering, it still grows back blonde and fuzzy (not black and stubbly).

DOS: I dislike fruity gum because I'm convinced it GIVES you bad breath. It's fantastic for the first three seconds, then BOOM, the sugar dissolves and it's nothing but a flavorless piece of putty, and we're left with 10 calories and stank breath. Gross. Delete.

TRES: I've never watched Star Wars. (Cookie!!!) <Gasp!> In my defense I've seen PARTS, but NEVER, EVER the entire movie.

CUATRO: I will NOT go down water slides. Used to love them, until I flew off of one when I was seven and split my eyebrow open. Blood was everywhere. Gushing. If I never see a waterslide again, I have lived a good life. For starters my enormous ass would most likely not fit on the damn thing, and let's be real, it's a 100% guarantee that you end up topless with a ferocious camel toe and wedgie. DELETE.

CINCO: I LOVE the smell of browning garlic and onion. OMG. BEST. EVER. So delicious. It reminds me of my Mama making her spaghetti sauce. Also the BEST EVER.


heartThat's all I got. I love you to the moon and back.heart


Listen to this first. A little MC and Bone Thugs = Happiness. #alwaysbemybaby 




P.S.: For those of you losers who don't yet LIKE the DD on Facebook, here are some courtesy selfies you missed this week:

New threads.


WUSSUP this week.

March 3, 2014






The only thing you need to know about this month, is that it's BIRTHDAY DE DUBIE.

MARCH 19th.

Don't forget. <wink wink>

In honor of the occasion, here are some bright, colorful, sexual photos that involve what I think of when I think of birthdays: sprinkles, sex and frosting. Boom. Doesn't get much better than that.

Check it:

Rainbow sprinkles on lips. HOT.

Rainbow sprinkles on donuts. YUM.

Rainbow sprinkles on some BUTTERCREAM frosting. Holy shit.

...And finally, yet again, we have some rainbow sprinkles that are in the shape of HEARTS. Sweetness.

I think it's safe to say I have a thing for rainbow sprinkles. A HUGE thing.


Now that important piece of information and exciting eye candy is behind us, let's talk announcements. I've got bunches. Rip into 'em Homies...


Uno: Went to Dallas for a wedding this weekend (congrats Tomes and Whitney!). Had loads of tequila, chips & guac, wine and, duh, FUN! 

...and finally a personal favorite: HB and I DELETING Bon Jovi. HaTe (with am emphasis on the T).


Thankfully, we moved our flight to an earlier time to beat crazy storm "Titan." And boy was he fierce...gave us a whopping mayyyyyyybe 1/2" light dusting of snow. <SIGH> I will say that, in all seriousness, it was fantastic to get home, organize, unwind and namaste. Woot.


Dos: Check out my new hat I'll be wearing like a G, loud and proud. FAN-bloody-TASTIC is what that is. 


A'ight. Announcements are over.

Come see WUSSUP this week, Suckas!

Tuesday: Oh boy. Today's gonna be FUN STUFF. Tune those eyeballs in to find out five more things you'd be surprised to know about me. DO NOT miss this. DO NOT.

Wednesday: It's a WILDCARD, folks. That means that I don't yet know what I want to write about, so depending on what's happening with me Wednesday, I'll decide in the moment, en la momento, à ce moment. It'll be off the cuff. Good shit always comes from that. Get excited.

Thursday: THERE WILL NOT BE A POST, rather a TBT...mayyyybe. Tune into INSTA to see if I give good photo.

Friday: Treat! Treat! Treat! Treat! Treat! Treat! Treat! Treat! Treat! Treat!



heartBOOM! We're done. Just like that! I love you.heart

kissMUAH! kiss


Peace February. Here’s What I Loved About You…

February 27, 2014


Yo. Ojos de mi vida... 

Was that too close? ...That was too close. Here. Try this...

Haaayyyy-aaaayyyyyy. Another posey selfie for your eyeballs, and the mouth is always open. I've done my fair share of experimenting and mouth-open = obvious exaggeration. Mouth closed, but smiling = forced and lame, like I'm posing for a high school yearbook photo = DELETE. But, let's face it, ALL SELFIES are pretty stupid.


How you doin'?

It's cold as balls. Now that March is in, like, one day, I'm ready for this frozen nonsense to be over. Winter needs to be stabbed. I'm ready to sweat. HARD.


Bring on the heat...


Now <short pause>...Are you ready to have some capital F-to-the-U-N FUN!?!?

I sure am. TAKE A RIP, Homies. a FAT ONE...



1). Furry mittens. These make me very happy. They're so sweet, and cozy, and chic...and (more importantly) I can text and do shit on my phone. #win


2). Strathcona Mary Jane stockings...because I. AM. DUBIE.

3). Buxom lipgloss pumper. It tastes good. It looks good. Get some.

4). Rainbow lensed aviators. They're too cool. Need to get me some for Summah! Woot!

5). Valentino studded neon pumps. THEY ARE SEX. 'Nuff said.

6). Cappello pasta. Gluten and Grain-free pasta that's actually AMAZING!!! It's FRESH pasta, too, so you can order a bunch and freeze what you don't use right away. I've been addicted since getting it. Check it. This is a gnocchi dish I made in a hot second! (pasta only takes a minute or two to cook!). That's some #gangsternation shit right there.

7). Fringed handbags. Obsessed with Barbara Bonner bags.

8). Rose Champagne. Duh. Because It's delicious and nutritious. Had about 47 glasses on Valentine's Day, because that's how I roll. 

9). Reka Nyari PhotographyReally cool. Want the pussy. HA. Brilliant.


10). Mara Hoffman beachwearLUHHHHHVVVV.

11). HUF socks

12). Bogota Restaurant in Park Slope. YUM! So fucking good. I highly recommend the arepa with only butter. Holy cow. AMAZE.

13). Tulips = Happiness.

14). Olympics. People doing incredible things with their bodies = Muy inspiring! 

15). In-Q poetry. This guy's good! Watch Homies.

16). Mykki Blanco. Angggry Birdz and Wavvy. SO hood. I love it. 

17). Buenos Dias! Pillowcases...HAD to have them. DUH.

18). Birthday de KH! The Dubes made it rain.



That's all I've got, Playas.




I am a novice

February 25, 2014


Yo Lovers. 'Sup?

I'd like to preface this post by saying that I am in a very special mood. I like to call it "fragile."

Translation: I'm about to start my fucking period, so I am exceptionally sensitive and highly emo. My hyper-awareness of this fact helps me not go completely batshit crazy bitch on people, (although I do come close at times) which leads me into this AMAZING quote I read this morning...

Chew on this, Gangstas:


Being AWARE is the first step we can take toward making any sort of positive change. Know this. 


Today my plan was to tell you about my favorite things this month, but I am deleting that idea. Big gigantic red circle with a diagonal sliced across middle. DELETE.

...Don't worry, though. You'll get my February Favorites on Thursday, instead. Swear.


Today I'd like to reflect on the "shitty" Crossfit workout I had yesterday.

I'll start by saying that I really love Crossfit. It's like nothing I've ever done before. My strength has improved exponentially since beginning just two measly months ago. I've never felt stronger and more confident. It not only challenges me physically, but it has proven to challenge me psychologically as well, which I love and hate all at the same time. Keeps me on my toes. Keeps me growing. Keeps me changing.

It is our mind that makes or breaks us, not so much our physical strength. When push comes to shove, it's HOW we think about things that will either get us to where we want to be or not. 

...Yesterday. My mind got me to a pissed-off place. A bad place. Instead of focusing on doing MY BEST, I was obsessing over the fact that I didn't add enough weight to my barbell. I was comparing myself to other people in the class who smoked me and lifted heavier weights. I forgot about the fact that...

1). I have only been doing this for two months.

2). Comparing myself to others gets me nowhere.


Credit and thanks are due to my KH. She pulled my head out of my ass (it was pretty far up there) and put things into perspective for me, like a G. So simple, yet so true. Check it:

Perfect form. Best you can all the time. Stay safe. Get strong. 


#wordstoliveby #namaste


...So I totally thought I was on my way to becoming a professional athlete. <insert emoji with no mouth>. Never say never, but let's be real, that's not going to happen anytime soon. It might though. It might <wink wink>.

I now realize that I need to own and embrace the the fact that I AM A BEGINNER. I am still an itty bitty little nugget of a Crossfit novice, and that's okay. I have all the time in the world to kick everyone else's ass, but the only way I'll get there is by continuing to kick my own ass, and honor where my body is RIGHT NOW.

Boom. I've said my peace.


Namaste Ninjas.



Sneak Peek SUNDAY!

February 23, 2014


'Sup Playas?

*cringe-worthy selfie alert*

Betcha didn't see this one coming. A POST...


...UN-fucking-Believable, if I say so myself...And a LATE NIGHT one at that. Holy cow.


So, here's the scoop.

I deleted Friday's post because I didn't have a good, quality moment to spare you, and tomorrow doesn't look very promising either bunnies <SIGH> (gotta take care of some bidness). Suffice to say, my life just could NOT go on without giving some good Dubie <pause>...and so I thought "NOW. I can do it NOW!" Woot. ...I'm also feeling particularly chatty, so we're in good shape here.


Announcements. I have three. Hit 'em up like your life depends on it.

Uno: Donuts.

The phone has some new threads. I'm channeling the fat-kid inside me. When I was young, I would DESTROY 3-5 donuts in one sitting..on the reg, thanks to Bobby D's routine weekend runs. <sigh>. Favorites included:

Cake with Vanilla Frosting and Rainbow sprinkles. The ball kind. MUST be the ball kind.

Old-fashioned glazed

Chocolate twists

Glazed swimming in cinnamon sugar crumbles

Okay. Now I want a donut. 


Dos: Eggs. Not just any eggs...THESE eggs.

...So I bought SIX 18 oz. bags two months before Easter. <insert emoji with no mouth>. The good news is that I have not torn into ANY yet...Don't you worry. I'll let you know when that happens. Obvs.


Tres: Quote ...cuz knowledge like THIS needs to be dropped. #endofstory #truth 



Oki doke. Time to hit tha schedge.

Monday: DELETE. Tonight's post is in lieu of tomorrow's.

Tuesday: Ooooh ShiiiiiaaatIt's time. Party in the fuckin' U.S.of A. Come see what My favorite things were in FEBRUARY...because, guess what, we're just three days away from March!-what the eff. Really it's more like 2.5 days, but only third graders are that specific...third graders and myself, apparently.  <SIGH>.

Wednesday: Probably won't post today Ninja nuggets. Jus saying...The schedge is jammed. If I give any ganja at all...it will most likely be via INSTA or FB. So check it. Follow it. Like it. Love it.

Thursday: I plan on posting TODAY! Holler. But you get no preview. I'm keeping your balls-eye, that is-in the dark. Suspense is sexy. 

Friday: DELETE. The Honey Buns and I are off to Tejas for a wedding! Weeeee! Maybe I'll post fancy selfies if I look really pretty in them.


We're done.